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  1. Drago9

    I'm trying to make a passive skill tree with Yanfly's plugin

    So I'm currently using Yanfly Skill Core, Skill Learning Engine and Passive states, however, I've ran into a couple of problem. What I'm trying to make is a passive skill tree, say, a skill call "Warfare" which has 15 levels (Warefare 1 - 15) which is a skill that grants +3% ATK for per level...
  2. Drago9

    An actor levels up even though he is at max level.

    So, I set Lucius to have the maximum level of 4. He stills gains EXP and level. Is this a bug or did I mess up in some part.  Screenshot included. Edit: Alright, I found the solution. I have YEP_COREENGINE installed and the max level : 99 bypassed the editor. All I have to do is write "<Max...
  3. Drago9

    Blue Magic

    If you're a certain class and got hit by an enemy's skill, you immediate learn that skill.
  4. Drago9

    Dark Souls Fast Travel system

    Basically whenever you unlock safe point you can fast travel there. You can fast travel freely fast travel between all the safe points you unlocked by interacting with any safe points. Edit for more detail :  since picture speaks a thousand words, here
  5. Drago9

    How do I change critical damage output in MV?

    This might be a stupid question but how do I change critical damage output in MV? By default it sets to x3 and that's way too high.
  6. Drago9

    I can't change any parameter in database. MV acting wierd.

    Hi. So apparently I can't change anything in parameter at all. Weapon/Armor/Skill parameter can't be changed. It always reset to 1 or 0. Also, everything is set to 1 or 0(if possible) by default. Yes, I clicked apply/save. Edit: I'm using the steam version.
  7. Drago9

    On map enemy help

    I have been trying for hours struggling to make the "On-Map" enemy randomly spawn by a chance. I was able to make it randomly spawned by 50% chance. But here's the problem: I can't figure out how to despawn them. After they spawned, they just stay there until I defeat them. I want ALL my on-map...
  8. Drago9

    Falcao's Pearl ABS V3 Help

    Anyone using this script and was able to create a "buff" item? (Let's say a Regeneration Potion that grants Regen Status for 80 Steps [As in 80 seconds in this script]) Because, I can't get it to work. Every time I use the item, it grants the buff for 1 - 2 seconds and the buff disappears...

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