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  1. Adding battler shadows (depth issue)

    Hi! I'm trying to add shadows to enemy battlers. While the shadow loads and works ok, it's displayed on top of the battler - and I want it behind the main sprite. I have this code: var _Sprite_Enemy_initMembers = Sprite_Enemy.prototype.initMembers; Sprite_Enemy.prototype.initMembers =...
  2. Reference basic attack formula / Combine skills

    Hello! I want to know if there is way to reference the effects of a given skill -- in this case, skill #1. I find myself copy-pasting it way too often, when I try to create variations of it. They often look similar to addState(x); (copied attack formula) * 0.5 Not modular. Not cool. I bet...
  3. Enemy Rows that disable targeting / Untargetable state

    Hello! I need a plugin that allows for two rows of enemies front and back. Enemies in the back row can't be selected as long as there are enemies in the front row -- except by actions that target all enemies. I don't need actor rows. In short, I need to create an untargetable state for...
  4. Display less equip slots

    Hi! By default, a equipment slot window is mapped 1:1 with the database slots -- but I need a window that contains only slots 3+. Displaying a shorter list (say, slots 1-3) is easy, but I need it to skip a few slots and only display slots 3 to equipSlots().length I couldn't find exactly...
  5. Help creating equip window in skill menu

    Hello! I'm having trouble trying to change how the menus work. I want to add a "Learn" option to the skill scene that would allow me to equip spellbooks containing skills. When you enter the skill scene, skills can be selected and used as usually; but if you select the "learn" option the...
  6. Skills as consumable items (equip spells like FF3)

    Hello! I'd like to implement a simple mechanic that needs a plugin. The idea is that you acquire skills as items. Consuming the item makes an actor learn a skill. Erasing the learned skill puts the item back in the inventory -- so it can be sold, stored, or used on another actor. What I need...
  7. Remove troops from map encounters

    Hello! By default, the troop encounters you specify in map properties are repeated over and over. I need a simple plugin that erases troops from the map encounter list when the party fights it. The idea is that the party will have a limited set of encounters in any given map, fighting once...
  8. Gain EXP on defeat

    I'm trying to come up with a way to smooth difficulty across levels (rubberbanding progress). I came up with this idea: -When you win a battle (and only then) all enemies scale up by a tiny %. -When you lose a battle you get an EXP boost. You can choose to continue playing instead of loading...
  9. Enemy discovery and scaling

    Hi! I'm stuck trying to make a plugin. I'm new to MV but not to coding. I want to: - When a new enemy is fought, store the party level along with the enemy ID. - Every time the party fights this enemy, use the stored value to scale the monster stats. Just to clarify: it tracks when we...

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