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  1. TrentL111

    RPG Maker MZ - Odyssey of Fantasy: BattleBackground

    Hello. I bought this pack a few hours ago on Steam and it doesn't seem to contain any files at all. I enabled and disabled the DLC, and there are no changes whatsoever on my client, so it doesn't download anything.
  2. TrentL111

    Force Weapon to be Off-Hand only

    Hello everyone. I am using the Visustella Battle Core plugin. Is there any way to force certain weapons to be off-hand or main-hand weapons only while Dual Wielding, like having them unable to be equipped to the other?
  3. TrentL111

    RMMZ Party formation in battle

    It would be really cool to be able to arrange the heroes in a group during battle, instead of a traditional line. The fighters would be in the front, mages in the rear, and so on. Row formation for MZ, or a plugin like it doesn't exist at this time, as far as I know. Also a way to have sprites...
  4. TrentL111

    Anyone know how to implement DoT damage?

    Hey all. Been trying to figure out how to do a custom poison formula that triggers at the end of every round. I know the poison in the game is HP regen -10 percent, but I was wondering if there is a way to have a status that subtracts health like a regular damage formula, like the Extended...
  5. TrentL111

    Animations playing twice, compatibility issue

    So I am using the VIsuStella battle core plugin, with Mog Hunter's Battle UI, and everything works fine, except for one thing, the animations play twice, on both the actors and enemies. If I delete this bit of code, var _mog_bhud_aniF_createAnimation = Spriteset_Base.prototype.createAnimation...
  6. TrentL111

    Trials of Guinevere

    Hello everyone! After much time in development, my game, Trials of Guinevere, has finally been released. Trials of Guinevere is a dramatic, character-focused story with detail akin to a visual novel. Its combat is continuous and turn-based, with an emphasis on strategy and character roles...

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