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  1. Moo

    Game of thrones Tiles for fan games ! (Updated with GoT banners !)

    Hello ! I create this dedicated post to propose my Game of Thrones sprites ! These tiles are submitted to the term of use that you will find on my site (link below) BUT these sprites are only for non-commercial Fan games please, HBO, GRR Martin and others probably have the rights of...
  2. Moo

    MV Generator 200+ exclusives new parts for free ! (Updated : Pack 1 Faces expressions +179 faces)

    Hello everyone (This is my first post to offer graphic resources, I read the rules and I hope to do things right, if not I apologize and ask you to inform me to complete or change the post thx ;) I am happy today to finally be able to share with you my first RPGMaker MV Facesets Generator...
  3. Moo

    YanFLy Doodads + Chrono Engine sprites Blink

    Hello all, I hope I can find some help about this problem. I use Chrono engine (Mog hunter) + YF Doodads plug-ins, all work fine but... sometime when I use an attack on map (A-RPG mode of Chrono engine) I see some doodads blinking on screen, exactly when the player hit or use skill, It's only...
  4. Moo

    Chrono engine graphic problem

    Hi all, I come to you today because perhaps someone will can help, I hope :'( I work on a big project with MOG Chrono Engine, I have a little glitch with the treasure popup at end of battle, for this part Mog not use a plug-in but probably add in Chrono engine js the same function that his...
  5. Moo

    Tilesets4all RTP presentation of my project :)

    Hello everyone ! Sorry if my English is not very good I will do my best to be understandable! I have often used RPGMaker in the past but also other softwares of "Gamemaking", with the release of RPGMaker MV I find this version is really very very good, I love it !! On the other hand, I have...

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