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  1. Yusha

    Maps mysteriously disappearing...

    I had the same issues with 1.5.1. I noticed it had something to do with parent maps because the json files of each parent map had been corrupted. The mapXX.json files still exist in the data folder and if you check inside your mapinfos.json file you can still see the individual map data. I...
  2. Yusha

    Simple parkable/reboardable land vehicle through events

    This is incredible! I will definitely have to try something similar. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Yusha

    RMMV Arcadia Chronicle Z

    Demo Available: Q3 2018 Platform: RPG Maker MV Genre: Traditional JRPG Release Date: December 25th, 2018 NOTE: I will be updating this post and thread with info as the game is in development.
  4. Yusha

    Equipment Learning

    Anyone have an idea on how I could solve this issue? I believe the issues arises when using MoogleX's Equipment Learning plugin and Yanfly's Item Core & Main Menu Manager. The ability window from MoogleX continues to show when using consumable items, like a potion, on your party. EDIT: I...
  5. Yusha

    Zelda-like items/tools that allow environmental exploration

    Zelda has bombs, the fire rod, the lantern etc. They are received in dungeons and allow the player to explore areas unaccesable to them before. What types of games benefit from this mechanic? Is it possible to use this feature in a JRPG without too much backtracking, but also reward the player...
  6. Yusha

    Loot Systems - Random/Planned/Hybrid?

    I agree. This is an aspect I was going for. Hopefully it would cause the player to try new characters because now they've found a sweet piece of gear for someone that they haven't really used but they want to see the new skill it gives the character.
  7. Yusha

    Loot Systems - Random/Planned/Hybrid?

    I was thinking about implementing a "Battle Amphitheater" where the player continues to unlock the bosses they've defeated in the story mode for an extra chance to grind them in repeatable battles, maybe even a stronger version of them? These are great questions that I will have to think...
  8. Yusha

    Loot Systems - Random/Planned/Hybrid?

    When playing through traditional JRPGs like the 'Final Fantasy' series or the 'Tales of' games, loot is distributed a few different ways: No clear tiers of items No level restrictions Monsters - Random item pools Treasure Chests - Specific items Shops - Specific Items or 'hidden...
  9. Yusha

    Help with Yanfly's Standard Turn Battle

    I cannot get Yanfly's STB System to work correctly. EDIT: The problem has resolved itself.
  10. Yusha

    Adding DLC/Expansions to your games

    How would one add subsequent expansions and DLC to their game? Do they just release certain files to be overwritten in the game folder? Thanks for reading.
  11. Yusha

    Creating a Trading Card mechanic?

    I play a lot of MTG so I suppose I see your point. Shining Soul 2 had Monster Cards that dropped from battles which could be used to unlock content and in item synthesis iirc. Collecting the cards could unlock skills for the player like adding the skill to summon the creature in battle. I just...
  12. Yusha

    Primary/Secondary Professions and Personal Stats?

    Hey thanks. I think I've got enough information here. Now this is something that I will be looking into. Great idea.
  13. Yusha

    Creating a Trading Card mechanic?

    How would someone do this legitimately? Any ideas? Not battling or anything with the cards, just collecting and trading. I'm trying to avoid walking up to NPCs and saying "Trade Card A for Card B?". Any other mechanics that could be implemented here? Collection size? Rarity? I thought about...
  14. Yusha

    Primary/Secondary Professions and Personal Stats?

    Monster Hunting - that's great! Perhaps the player could be slaying notorious baddies somewhere for poor old NPCs or something akin to a Monster Hunting Guild. What would be the rewards for leveling up a Monster Hunting global stat? Archaeology is another good one. This would be similar to...
  15. Yusha

    Plugins like Yanfly's GabWindow?

    I'm having issues with GabWindow. Even with the "Anti-Repeat" parameter turned off in the plugin setting, it fails to show consecutive GabWindows that are calling a script and having the same results in a row (i.e. You found a Potion). Any ideas on what's going on? Are there any other plugins...
  16. Yusha

    Primary/Secondary Professions and Personal Stats?

    Yes I was hoping the gathering and crafting would be the most interesting stats to level. I understand where you're coming from with the interpersonal stats. Do many RPGMakers include many friendship stats or romantic choices? I thought it would be an interesting aspect in accordance with the...
  17. Yusha

    Yanfly's Item Synthesis and adding variables

    I think I'll go along the lines of what you had said earlier and associate a skill leveling up with a sound effect (because there's not a 100% chance crafting something will level up it's corresponding skill). That way the player looks forward to hearing that sound and can understand what it...
  18. Yusha

    Yanfly's Item Synthesis and adding variables

    That's a great idea! I'll see what I can do with it. I've gotten further than I thought I would with your help haha.
  19. Yusha

    Primary/Secondary Professions and Personal Stats?

    Completely understandable. I was only listing the few I had developed to determine if players felt like they were worth leveling or not. The original post has been edited.
  20. Yusha

    Primary/Secondary Professions and Personal Stats?

    I suppose keep it here for now. I'm more interested in which types of global stats players like to level up other than crafting. Thanks for letting me know!

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