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  1. 0sleepy0

    Need help with Galv's Map Travel

    Hi, i need help with Galv's map travel plugin. Every time i open demo i get error Galv is not defined.
  2. 0sleepy0


    You dedicated your life guiding other people.  And though your physical life has come to the end your soul has been given a chance to join Deep Abyss Sparks Factory (DASF). Too bad that after your soul has been detached from your body, all of your memories disappeared. But that's not...
  3. 0sleepy0

    Story based game

    I'm a bit at war with myself. I always wanted to write a novel but I'm not good at describing environment. So my main questions are: 1. would a game strongly based on story (with some riddles or something) would get any attention? :unsure: 2. do people (in general) enjoy RPG Makers combat and...
  4. 0sleepy0

    Seth animal sprite(HUGE REQUEST)

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: MV or Ace (as long as it's about the size of mack type horse  ) Art Style: Mack or MV Description:  Info from wiki:Set animal, or sha, is a chimerical beast, the totemic animal of the god Set. The sha is usually depicted with three distinguishing...

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