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  1. PsychoJack

    Sprite problems.

    Okay I fixed the tiles in the original. Now there's another thing I need to know, what should be the size of these corners here.
  2. PsychoJack

    Adding Tile sets.

    I made a tile set for an appetizer for Atom. I made six versions, fit them all in a 96x144 grid, increase the Outside_A2.png file by 144 height and place the tile set to the bottom-left corner. yet when I went to the tile sets in the database and choose the png for the A2(Ground) section, It...
  3. PsychoJack

    So I need to know what this means can anyone help?

    No efforts have been made to make this plugin compatable with others. It may be fairly simple to integrate it if you have programming experience. By cross-referencing the listed aliases, you can change the alias to point to a function declaration in an incompatable plugin.
  4. PsychoJack

    Can't open the project

    Hey so I tried to open the project, but what I got instead was the message. ''Unable to read Actor.json" The weird part is I checked the data file and the JSON file was still there. What did I do wrong?
  5. PsychoJack

    Why doesn't it work?

    So I manage to get this guy to make a plugin for me. He even made a demo, and it works there. So I copy and paste the JavaScript file from the JewlTest Plugin folder to the Project Atom's. This is where the problem is.While I don't have any errors pop up. Even when I had the Jewl option being in...
  6. PsychoJack

    Two plugins problem.

    So I need help figuring out what this means. By cross-referencing the listed aliases, you can change the alias to point to a function declaration in an incompatable plugin
  7. PsychoJack

    I don't think it's a good idea.

    I had this idea to put this sort of virus into the lore of Atom. Though because of the current state of the world due to COVID-19, I don't think it's a good idea. Please, Tell me what part of your game's story was ruined by the what's happening right now?
  8. PsychoJack

    Blacksmith skills

    So I'm in need of help finding ideas for skills for the blacksmith class. The best I can come with is "Blue Slash" an attack that does 1.5 times the damage of a conventional attack. Any ideas? Note 1: The Blacksmith is a class that pretty much functions similarly to the Warrior class from an...
  9. PsychoJack

    New Problem

    So here's my problem. Basically had an idea to use Yanfly's skill Learn System and Job points for the Jewl system. So I made a Restore of the Gamma Magic category, Made it cost 500 JP, Then gave Adam 1000 JP. Here's the code: <Class 1 Starting JP;1000> <Learn Cost:500 JP> Yet, when I tried to...
  10. PsychoJack

    Jewl System

    I'm in need of help on how to get this to work on RPG Maker MV. This mechanic is called the Jewl system, and it should work like this: Characters have a jewl slot. If a jewl is equipped on a party member, they will get a certain magic skill type depending on the jewl itself. Characters can then...
  11. PsychoJack

    Help with a feature.

    I need help with working on ,The Jewel system, It is explained as such: All characters, excluding temporary party members, but including optional members, all have a Jewel slot on their equipment. If a Jewel is equipped on a party member, they will get a magic skill type depending on the Jewel...
  12. PsychoJack

    Jewel system

    I'm in need of help getting this system to work on RPG Maker MV. This mechanic is called the Jewel system, and it would work like this: Characters have a jewel slot. If a jewel is equipped on a party member, they will get a certain magic skill type depending on the jewel itself. Characters can...
  13. PsychoJack

    I'm Back!

    Hi! You might have or haven't known me as Blizzero before, but now I'm back as Jack. You can now also find me on Twitter, ko-fi, Pillowfort, and Discord. Lastly, I toss my old project aside and decided to make a completely new one called "Atom" more about that in later threads. But nonetheless...
  14. PsychoJack

    Gender choices

    For my game, I want the player to pick which gender the main protagonist should be, with slight alterations depending on the gender like a different party member, a different colored UI, etc. Does anyone know how to make this possible?
  15. PsychoJack

    Yanfly Scale Sprites problem.

    So I just got Yanfly's Scale Sprites 2 days ago. I put it in the plugin manager, and turned it ON. I typed [48x48] on my custom sprite sheet. But when tried to add the sprite, not only did the sprite looked exactly the same, but when I tried to play test the game, it said TypeError: Undefined is...
  16. PsychoJack

    FREE Need help with a game I'm making!

    Synopsis: Heroes' Beginnings is a classic turn-based RPG, that is a spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy games.More specifically, Final Fantasy 3 and 5. It will have a job system, with job points so that the player can spend them for skills to make your classes stronger. It will also have a...
  17. PsychoJack

    Class base stats

    I came up with about 20 classes (21 if the Explorer counts) for my game, here is just the first 5 I made along with a description of each. Warrior-A physical class with offensive abilities that varies depending on what weapon they have equip. It can equip Swords, Axes, Great swords, and...
  18. PsychoJack

    Proper Greeting!

    Hello, RPG Makers! I know I've made some posts before this one, but I want to do a proper greeting and to tell people who I am. So: Hi, my actual name is Garrett, I live in Jackson, Tennessee, a quiet (sort of) town. I am 18 years old, and I like to draw and play video games, though I do things...
  19. PsychoJack

    Icon Size

    I am making original icons for the game i'm making, but I don't know the pixel size for the icons, or how to upload them into rpg maker in the first place. Can someone help? Edit: This is the first Icon I made (albeit without shading). It is 100 * 100px.
  20. PsychoJack

    How to give the player a chosen name!

    I need help! I mean, the main player character already has a name by default, Willas, but I want players to assign a different name for him. Can someone tell me how that works

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