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  1. Orsalak

    Product Release: Fantasy & Medieval

    Very excited about the Medieval Town bundle by PVGames!
  2. Orsalak

    Is it possible to increase the maximum number of variables?

    What are the || for in your code:   $gameSystem.rightKanji = $gameSystem.rightKanji || []; I've seen that in scripts when instantiating objects and arrays but javascript sites show a different way to instantiate those.  I can't find || on any javascript sites outside of being used as an OR...
  3. Orsalak

    Product Release: World History and Modern!

    Honestly, I love all of them!  POP! has me the most excited though and I agree these sets will open up some additional options!
  4. Orsalak

    Medieval Tiles (MV - In Progress)

    I love your work!  I wish they would hurry up and release them!!
  5. Orsalak

    POP! Freebies

    I love your POP! series!  Thank you so much for the freebies!
  6. Orsalak

    New Theme Vote & Suggestions

    I actually love all of these ideas, which made this very difficult.  I went with Noir as that genre is a favorite of mine and could definitely use some resources.
  7. Orsalak

    Happy Holidays 2015

    Here and ready for Snix duty! My tip is for people new to the tool: There are lots of getting started tutorials out there, use them liberally!  After going through those tutorials, start by making something small (so you can achieve it) that has a few challenging pieces you will need to...
  8. Orsalak

    Manual for beginner

    Is there a version of the manual with everything in one file so I can easily transfer it to a tablet or phone or even print it out?  I'm thinking like a PDF or Doc.
  9. Orsalak

    Retro Halloween and PVG Sci-Fi Tiles!

    Both sets of tiles look great! As for the costume, I would go as Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Lancelot so I can have my travelling band of minstrels follow me around and sing about my not-so-brave deeds... BD
  10. Orsalak

    Ordering Question

    Ok, because there is a time crunch, I went ahead and ordered it under my account.  I suppose he doesn't need his own account here. Uhg I double posted.  Sorry about that.
  11. Orsalak

    Ordering Question

    I'm not sure where his question goes, so if it belongs in a different area, please move it. I decided to get another preorder copy of MV for my son. I don't see a way to order one as a gift though. How would I order a copy of someone else?
  12. Orsalak


    Woohoo!  I have it up and running!!!  Time to disappear for a few days.   :rock-left: :guffaw: :rock-right:
  13. Orsalak


    It's out!  Downloading!!!
  14. Orsalak

    Castle of Benevolence

    Some really good options!  If I had to pick one, I would vote for Banquo's as well.  Great job everyone!
  15. Orsalak

    Bigger and Better - Granny's Modern Tiles & Sprites for MV

    They look great!  How are you updating them?  Is this a purely manual process or are you resizing with a utility and cleaning up from there as needed?  I look forward to seeing more of your MV tiles!
  16. Orsalak

    The Ironbound Heart

    What Candacis said!  Was a demo ever created for this?
  17. Orsalak

    [Resource Pack Preview] Memories Resource Pack Series (Choose your favourite)

    I love track sample time! :-)  I know you will do an awesome job with whatever is selected.  I can't wait to hear what you come up with!
  18. Orsalak


    Wait 'til you have kids.  Then you really see what it's like not to have free time anymore.  Sports, homework, scouts, various kid outings or activities... I have days where I look forward to going to work to get some downtime. 
  19. Orsalak


    So we are voting now?  I vote Sci-fi over Fantasy as well! Either way, I'm looking forward to getting my copy!
  20. Orsalak

    [Resource Pack Preview] Memories Resource Pack Series (Choose your favourite)

    Awesome!  How long does it usually take once it's sent to Degica before it makes it to the store?

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