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  1. looking for a script that can cancel battle animations while its playing

    i'm trying to make a combo system that allows me to: use a skill, play its animation halfway, and then cancel it halfway with the press of a button. im working on a combo cancel/chaining system similar to DMC. example: use skill, animation plays, cancel it halfway with button (shift) that...
  2. How do I make variables update after every attack in a battle?

    I'm trying to make a battle event where a variable increases after every forced attack, it's an event where the player can only defend and the enemy attacks over and over and after a certain threshold is reached something happens and the enemy stops attacking. It seems variables only update...
  3. Yami Skill Equip script NoMethodError Occured crash

    I fixed the issue, you can now lock the thread. Solution: I just moved Passive States to the bottom of the script list.
  4. Yami Skill Equip script NoMethodError Occured crash

    I went searching and found this script that might help me but it got messed up from the v3 to v4 change thing. MeowFace made it but he hasn't be active here for 4 years so I doubt he'd be able to help. Edit: K, I found out specifically whats crashing it, whenever I add a party member it...
  5. Yami Skill Equip script NoMethodError Occured crash

    I arranged everything by Author. My project arrangement is different. Yeah, I had Menu Cursor in there twice from when I was sorting my scripts like @Roninator2 suggested and subsequently got the StackLevel too deep error, fixed that. I'm still getting the same error as in the OP btw.
  6. Yami Skill Equip script NoMethodError Occured crash

    Took a while but here. Victor Engine - Basic Module Victor Engine - Passive States Victor Engine - Character Control Victor Engine - Light Effects Yanfly - Battle Engine Yanfly - Core Engine Yanfly - Input Combo Skills v1.01 Yanfly Engine Ace - Button Common Events v1.00 Yanfly Engine Ace -...
  7. Yami Skill Equip script NoMethodError Occured crash Even after deleting the one in my project and re-adding it back, it still gives me the same exact error.
  8. Yami Skill Equip script NoMethodError Occured crash

    @Kes I started a new game.
  9. Yami Skill Equip script NoMethodError Occured crash

    I'm getting a crash with this script: Skill Equip:320:in `equipped_skills': private method `select' called for nil:NilClass, NoMethodError from Skill Equip:330:in `skills' from Passive States:197:in...

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