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  1. Kanissey

    Animating a "soul/person" getting sucked into a chest

    Hey guys, ahmm its kinda hard to explain but here we go. I have a person standing inside a circle, and there is a chest on the right side of him and someone casts a spell and the circle gets brighter. Then i want him to get sort of sucked into the chest or any other kind of animation that is...
  2. Kanissey

    Faceset for vampire

    Hello Makers, iam looking for a faceset for the vampire that is already in MV. If you understand, in the enemies folder is a vampire sprite and i need a faceset for him. Thanks for every help. :kaojoy: Greetings Kanissey
  3. Kanissey

    Spell Animation while dialogue

    Hey Makers :), as you see in the title i want that when the player "speaks" to an machine, that the machine first shows 2 Skill animation, and then an multiple choice where the player chooses his skill. My problem is the showing of the 2 Skill animations, i want that the skill is showing how it...
  4. Kanissey

    MV Generator Parts

    Hello Makers :), like you see in the title, i need some Generator Parts. I searched for long in the internet but i didn´t found good looking parts. Anyone knows good parts? For now i need: short beard, hair to the side, short hair. waiting Kanissey :D
  5. Kanissey

    Multiple Choice with description

    Hey Makers :smile:, as you see in the title i want to do an multiple choice, and when the cursor is on one of the choices, that an description of this choice is showing up on the normal text window. Hope you can help me. waiting Kanissey
  6. Kanissey

    Skill system Lvl 5 - Lvl 10 - Lvl 15....

    Hey Makers :), as you see in the title, i want to make an skill system where every 5 Levels the player has a choice between 2 or 3 Skills. I don´t know how to do that, i know yanfly´s skill engine but i don´t want that the player can access to the skill system from the menu. There´s an Machine...
  7. Kanissey

    Background Music/Battle Music

    Hey Makers, i have an little question. What music do the most rpg makers use? Do they make music themselves with programs? Or do they search the music from the internet? Or do they have an person that makes the music for them? waiting Kanissey
  8. Kanissey

    Group Movement help

    Hey Gamers :), i have an problem xD. I have an short cutscene, in the cutscene a group of players (Main character) are fighting against an person (evil) and the evil moves back and the players move to the person. And then the group moves back, but the problem is when the group moves back only...
  9. Kanissey

    Help with Movement and Battle

    Hello everyone :), i have a little problem. I want my character to stop somewhere when he sees an enemy, he speaks something and then battles with them. My problem is that i want the enemies to disappear after the fight, but the enemy is on an other eventtile than the character and his event. I...

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