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  1. Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs

    Oh okay. Thank you for clarifying. This worked. Thanks!
  2. Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs

    Just making things clear for me, am I allowed to publish a free game to the Google Play Store that would have no in-app purchases or ads, and it would not be considered a commercial game according to Yurudora's Terms of Use, or do I still have to ask for their permission? Has anyone from the...
  3. Arevulopapo's Particle Engine for RPG Maker VX Ace

    The dropbox link is down. Does anyone have a copy of the demo?
  4. Custom RTP Animations for VX Ace

  5. Custom RTP Animations for VX Ace

  6. Custom RTP Animations for VX Ace

    Hi, I was wondering if someone has those custom animations that use the RTP graphics from First Seed Material. Any animation demo/resource game would do. I used to have them before but my external hard drive died and I lost my old RPG Maker data. I tried going to the site recently only to find...
  7. Skills playing more than one animation and enemies targeting a certain actor

    I just assumed that this wasn't a valid approach since I have never seen anyone make a big image containing all the RTP animation graphics in it. Oh wow this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks estriole!
  8. Story Design Question

    I like you, I like you a lot. The way you tell the story also plays a large role in making the players like the villain. For example, your inspiration of your game's villain, Yoshikage Kira is merely a serial killer with a hand fetish whose motivation to kill is just because it's in his nature...
  9. Skills playing more than one animation and enemies targeting a certain actor

    Hello, I'm looking for a script where a skill can play more than just one animation in battles. The database only allows me to use two animation graphics for one animation and that feels very limiting especially when you want to make some multi-element attacks and such. Maybe a script where it...

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