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  1. Nageik

    [XP] Windmill for use outside RPG Maker

    Hello, guys! I've been doing some research on a windmill (XP). The problem is that looking at the conditions of use, I saw that I couldn't use it on any other engine than RPG Maker... Will you have a public windmill? I found the one of PandaMaru which is splendid, unfortunately according to the...
  2. Nageik

    XP Sprite/Tilesets Pirate theme

    Hi, I've already done some research, but I've come across a lot of dead links. I'd like some resources (sprites /tilesets) in the pirate theme. If possible, in the universe of the One piece manga, but the pirate theme is already quite well generalized. We are working on the XP format. Example...

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I did an experiment to try to solve the art style problem between RTP and 3D models.
But, it feels this grimdark world is going to end even faster. :kaoswt2:
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Hi, just wanted to say, thank you for helping me fix that event with the step count! I followed your example exactly and it works now:kaojoy:
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Continued work. Still a WIP, some need some retouching. Stimpak, Radaway, Psycho, Jet, Mentats, Medex(ish/needs to be purple), bloodpack, glowing bloodpack. Made some Nuka too. Need to make Rad-X.
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Done translating our projects intro sequence : D

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