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  1. Zanshoo

    Chibi enemies

    Hi,   This time it's finished enemies  !  Two by now :) i'll updade soon.   Slime :  Bat :  Hope you'll enjoy  Terms of use :  For non-comercial and comercial  You can modify all you want  I don't need crédits, but do what you want ^^  If you want to...
  2. Zanshoo

    Generator parts for beast men

    Hi, This time i made some stuff for the generator. I really wanted some Dog faces, dragon as well, then this is my work . Preview:  - There are some issues with front hair and for the moment i don't know how to solve them ...  3 out of all are ok but for the rest the it's a bit...

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I did an experiment to try to solve the art style problem between RTP and 3D models.
But, it feels this grimdark world is going to end even faster. :kaoswt2:
Solovei wrote on caethyril's profile.
Hi, just wanted to say, thank you for helping me fix that event with the step count! I followed your example exactly and it works now:kaojoy:
still waiting for original character contest 3 bust/face dlc release :kaoluv:
Stimpaks and More.png
Continued work. Still a WIP, some need some retouching. Stimpak, Radaway, Psycho, Jet, Mentats, Medex(ish/needs to be purple), bloodpack, glowing bloodpack. Made some Nuka too. Need to make Rad-X.
Nuka Sheet WIP FR.png
Done translating our projects intro sequence : D

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