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  1. Pern

    Yanfly Enhanced TP question

    Hello, I just have a few questions for Yanfly's Enhanced TP. I'm using TP exclusively for melee characters, while the magic characters utilize MP instead. I've used Yanfly's Skill Core to achieve this. The issue I'm having is while the magic users don't use TP, they still have a TP Mode under...
  2. Pern

    Store/Support Issue

    Hello. I am making a post in hopes that my problem can be solved amicably and expeditiously, and I'm not sure where else to post this. I hope a mod can help me with my problem or get me in contact with someone who can. I contacted the store here in March in regards to an issue of being...
  3. Pern

    Small character edits

    Hello RPG Maker users! I'm here with a tiny request I can't fulfill on my own. I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Could someone so kindly remove the gold headband from this actor for me? The sprite and a single emote would be perfect, I can probably figure out the rest on my own with some...
  4. Pern

    [Ace]Issue with Galv's Message Bust script and Yami's Overlay

    Hello, everyone. I have an odd little issue here. I'm using RPG Maker Ace and I just spent a few hours learning and making my first parallax map. It took me quite a bit of time since I'm a rather slow learner and am completely useless at Photoshop. I got one small map working properly and I felt...
  5. Pern

    Small faceset and sprite edits

    Hello! My name is Pern, this is my first thread and I've been working on my non-commercial game for a few weeks now. I decided on a story, got a few maps done (redone with new tilesets) and picked some characters. However, I'm pretty incompetent when it comes to making art and there's two small...

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