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  1. DoctorArtist

    Request: Custom "Crisis Core"-styled Enemy Info

    Hello, everyone. I've been searching for a while (a really REALLY long time) for something like this, and while I know enough scripting to just get me by tweaking measurements or line locations, I can't do much else. That being said... Crisis Core has an interesting target menu, or enemy info...
  2. DoctorArtist

    [ACE] Images Behind All Menus - A Request

    I'm looking for a script that can show images behind menu scenes. But it isn't as simple as it sounds. I've come here to post as a last resort. I'm not looking to work just with the base engine's menus/scenes. I'm looking for compatibility with custom scripts out there. CSCA scripts...
  3. DoctorArtist

    VXACE - GALV's Invader Mini Game Modification for HUD Image

    Hey there, needed a short little modification to GALV's Invader Minigame script. Basically, I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to add an extra image between the backdrop image and the score/health/power-up section. Basically, so I can put an image between those two layers to act...
  4. DoctorArtist

    Skill with Two Types of Effects?

    Basically, I'm trying to create some spell combinations, such as "Dark Fira" and "Curing Thundera" and such. Dark Fira's easy of course, just purple fire with a chance to add the Blind State.  How would I go about making a curative elemental damaging skill, like "Curing Thundera"? The idea...
  5. DoctorArtist

    Post-Game Events?

    I've got two things I need help with, and I assume I'd need scripts for both. However, as some might know, I'm not a very good searcher of these archives, so if these are easily solved then I do apologize. (bows) Now then, on to the tale.    Two things, indeed, yes.    1) Events After Saving...
  6. DoctorArtist

    Battle Event: If ENTIRE PARTY...

    I seem to be having difficulty making an event in-battle.    Idea: when your entire party has fallen, your screen will fade to white and give you two options: "I give up..." or "I'm not done yet!". Picking the first option makes the game end, since, you know, your party is completely wiped out. ...
  7. DoctorArtist

    RMVXA Dawn of the New Hour: Aurum Demo

    THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONTRUCTION FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS. LAST UPDATED 3/12/2020 @ 5:33AM What would you do if you were allowed to know the secrets of space and time? The Gate has opened, Portums are unlocked, and the way to new lands brought forth. ■ SYNOPSIS ■ ■ CHARACTERS ■...
  8. DoctorArtist

    GALV's Menu Layout: Help with Multiples?

    I type a lot, I'm really sorry. I'll underline the main parts so I don't make you all fall asleep before figuring out what the question is. Heh. Alright, so my game has a nice little cosplay feature. That is to say, you can buy outfits for your characters, or you can be rewarded with them as...
  9. DoctorArtist

    Event Sprites Getting Stuck on Sides

    Hello one and all. Quick question about an issue that has been bugging me.  A while back, I had the Fullscreen++ as well as the High-Res .dll file. It bothered me that I couldn't get a fullscreen without it, and that with it I had lagging issues. However, when viewing my friend working on her...
  10. DoctorArtist


    Good evening to you all. Or good morning, or good afternoon, depending on your time zone.  My name is Sullivan Miranda. I'm known to my friends as the Doctor Artist, based on a character of my own design. His concept came to me in a dream long ago, and ever since then, the name and person I...

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