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  1. CriticalGames

    Shake Screen during Animation

    Hi everyone, I've had a bit of a problem with this for a while now, and haven't found a solution. I need a way to shake the screen during a battle animation. I know that I can Macgyver a sort of solution by using common events to shake the screen in-between or after animations have played, but...
  2. CriticalGames

    Angels of Death - First RPG Maker Game on Switch?

    Note: A few months ago, I posted about a game coming to Switch that I believed could have been created in RPG Maker, but it turned out to be made in a different engine. Rather than post a new thread about the same general topic, I thought I'd update this thread instead - given that the nature of...
  3. CriticalGames

    Make 'Disabled' Commands use Colours instead of Opacity

    Hi everyone, I have a bit of an unusual question, but bear with me =P Due to the specific aesthetic of the game that I'm making, I use Victor Sant's SFont plugin (which essentially uses special pictures instead of font files to render text -...
  4. CriticalGames

    Fullscreen Mode Problems with Pixel-Perfect Game

    Okay, so this is a bit of a weird one! I'm developing a game with pixel-perfect graphics, but I've noticed a problem when I play in full-screen mode. RPG Maker seems to occasionally add extra pixels to character graphics, tiles, and I think even text, but it puts them in strange places that...
  5. CriticalGames

    [Bug] Map Scroll Type causes fixed Parallax Background to Move

    Hi, I posted about this issue in the RPG Maker MV section in April last year, and then on the old RPG Maker MV Improvement board back in June...just before that section got taken down. As it still hasn't been fixed, I wanted to bring it up again here. For a detailed run down of my experiments...
  6. CriticalGames

    Removing Font Blur

    Hi, I'm making a game that uses pixel-perfect graphics, and that extends to the font as well. I used the excellent code that KisaiTenshi created (in this topic: to remove blur on the actual game itself (characters...
  7. CriticalGames

    Moving Individual Actor Statuses in Menu

    Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to develop my own Custom Menu Plugin, and while I've been going well (thanks in no small part of SumRndmDde's excellent tutorial series!), I've hit a snag that I just can't figure out and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I'm working on the...
  8. CriticalGames

    Wait For Move's Completion - RMXP Style Plugin *SOLVED with a Work-Around!*

    Hi everyone, This is a feature that I've been sorely missing from RPG Maker XP. I posted about it on the RPG Maker MV Improvement Board (back when that existed), and received a response that said it was definitely a possibility. Well, with the recent release of MV 1.3.3, I'm getting sceptical...
  9. CriticalGames

    Autonomous Movement Lag

    Hi everyone, This is something that I've been grappling with for the past few weeks, and I'm really not sure what I can do about it. For some animated objects in the environment, such as water coming in on the shore of a beach, I use an event with Autonomous Movement to create the...
  10. CriticalGames

    Change Message Text Speed

    Hi, I've been searching the forum, but I can't find anything quite like what I'm after. I want a plugin which allows me to slow down or speed up the text speed within a text box. Kino's Slow Text Script slows down text universally...
  11. CriticalGames

    Map Scroll Type Causes Parallax Background to Move

    Hi everyone, I think this could be a bug, but my forum search didn't find anything so I thought I'd double check first. I'm currently trying to set up a World Map. As auto-tiles have so few frames of animation in RMMV, I had to find a way around it for my water animation. To do so, I used...
  12. CriticalGames

    Tales Across Time (Out Now on Steam!)

    Developed by Critical Games RPG Maker XP   Tales Across Time is a linear, story-driven RPG experience from the creator of 8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey. It uses the classic short-story format to tell the tale of three very different characters; each living centuries apart, but in the...
  13. CriticalGames

    Choosing Individual Frames in 'Set Movement Route'

    First off, I'm sorry if I'm reposting an issue that's already been mentioned. I could've sworn I saw it somewhere, but after going through 15 pages of topics and the Bug Report, I can't find it. One of the best tools for creating interesting cutscenes in past RPG Makers was the 'Set Move Route'...
  14. CriticalGames

    Autotiles in MV

    Sorry to add another topic to the chaos (Shaz, Zalerinian, Archeia - you guys are doing great!), but I'm having some trouble with the Autotile system in MV. Basically, I've got a nice 4-frame water animation with a railing. In RPG Maker XP, there's no problem - nice and simple. But in MV, I have...
  15. CriticalGames

    [RMMV] Colour Issue

    Hi, First off, thank you very much for releasing MV early to everyone that pre-ordered. It's greatly appreciated! =) Unfortunately, I have an issue. I was doing a test with some graphics from my previous game, which uses an 8-Bit colour palette. Everything looks fine in the editor, but when I...
  16. CriticalGames

    [IGMC 2015] Tales Across Time

    Hi everyone!   I just wanted to add my IGMC 2015 entry to the RPG Maker forums. I've spent the past few days looking at some of the other entries (particularly the ones on here), and I'm really impressed! This is the first game development competition I've participated in, and making an RPG in...
  17. CriticalGames

    8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey Remastered Edition [Now on Steam!]

      Developed by Critical Games RPG Maker XP   Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.   A Warrior, a Thief, and a Mage go on a journey to save the world by collecting three elemental treasures.   What’s that? You’ve heard it all before?   Tell me then…what happens next?   Join 3 unlikely heroes...
  18. CriticalGames

    [XP] SFX Option Will Not Disable In-Battle Sound Effects

    Hi guys, I'm currently utilising Bigace360's System Options script, which can be found here: It's a fantastic and easy to use script, but I'm having a problem with one of the options - the one which enables you...
  19. CriticalGames

    Maintain Aspect Ratio Script?

    Hi guys, One of the big problems with RPG Maker is that when you force it into Full Screen on a modern 16:9 monitor, everything gets very...stretched. And with sprites, this can severely degrade the visual quality. I've done some research, and the way to deal with this is to force your...

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