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  1. Jhale M.

    Amazing Series of Books on Japanese Game Developers (?)

    There is a series of books called "The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers. I came across this book series because it was quoted in a seemingly humorous manner in a video protesting against the release Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD. In the video, the book is quoted as saying that Sega...
  2. Jhale M.

    RPG Maker games with Grinding?

    Please pay attention to all of what I am saying since a title is not enough to explain what I am looking for.... One of the main reasons I love RPGs is because of level grinding and steadily accomplishing things not necessarily central to the plot. This was something I liked before even knowing...
  3. Jhale M.

    Mixing JRPG Elements with Card Games?

    Have you encountered JRPG elements in card video games before? I feel like the Yu-Gi-Oh series of video games (which are the only card video games I have really played besides Orange Juice 100%) subtly borrow from RPGs. I think RPG style elements can just as easily make a card game single player...
  4. Jhale M.

    Would you rather have no shortage of money, superpowers, eternally loyal allies, or immortality?

    Fill out the poll and give all of the juicy details, please. I think I would pick eternal loyalty. I feel like I was born to be a leader but a lot of people are disrespectful and I have never been given leadership opportunities even when I ought to have been. I understand how people think very...
  5. Jhale M.

    Some Shortcuts to Development?

    I know that a lot of professional game developers use shortcuts in order to get the job done when running on deadlines. I feel like I don't have such an option available to me. For example, to make a functioning chest, I have to make a new switch or variable just to keep the thing from...
  6. Jhale M.

    The Development Stories of Well-known Games

    When it comes to working for a company with money, resources and people power, some or many people may imagine that the work involved is not that hard and projects are pretty much guaranteed to work out. But a lot of stories I have heard about game development are either surprising or sound like...
  7. Jhale M.

    Best Normal Boss Themes?

    What do you consider to be the best normal boss themes you have heard in a game? Usually I have long lists when it comes to game music, but for this I have just four: 1. Xenogears - Knight of Fire It nails the anime feel from much of this soundtrack. Even though it has a very generic...
  8. Jhale M.

    RM2k/3 Magical Girl Castle (contains Politics and Religion)

    SYNOPSIS Welcome to my first project, Magical Girl Castle. I have given it this name to represent the game as plainly as possible for as many people interested to find it as possible, but this may still be a title in progress. The game is about a gathering of magical girls (and feminine leaning...
  9. Jhale M.

    Deciding on What to Reveal Before Release

    One stumbling block I have really had with my game is deciding what and how I should show my game concepts before releasing it. I feel like the game deals with some sensitive issues so I get afraid of sharing it partially for that. I also am afraid of people stealing my work or something. But...
  10. Jhale M.

    Element System Without Absorption?

    Do you think an element that heals an enemy/character is ever justified unless maybe they have an enchantment or a pure elemental/spirit nature on them? Final Fantasy introduced the idea of enemies healing off of their major elements if they were a very elemental enemy, but I feel like it is...
  11. Jhale M.


    I have been dying to finally see E3. Could barely focus on a lot of things because of it. Only 5 more days left before it happens. What are you most excited for? For me, first would be Smash 5, of course. If it is really as good as it should be, I will work hard and finally get a Nintendo...
  12. Jhale M.

    Anybody thinking about Educational games?

    I think in the modern world, educational games are more valuable than ever, but a lot of potential game developers associate them with poor quality and weak entertainment. Do you think it really has to be that way? My opinion, perhaps unsurprisingly, is that making an educational game is...
  13. Jhale M.

    What do you consider to be a bad person?

    Good and evil are seen as pretty subjective things, regardless of whether or not there is a true design of good and evil. What do you consider evil or antagonistic in the world? For me, it is people who are speak with certainty and don't question the dynamics of their relationships unless a...
  14. Jhale M.

    What Games Have Stretched Your Imagination?

    What games took you by surprise and showed you something you never expected to see or didn't know you wanted?
  15. Jhale M.

    Your Terrible and Best Boss Designs (example and theory)

    There are certain boss designs that really can reduce my love for a game, no matter how much I originally liked it until that point. Usually, a bad boss for me is in a game where there is no leveling up or little room for leveling up and they have no clear patterns or vulnerabilities to work...
  16. Jhale M.

    RPG Maker 2003 Error Code CCB-A Unresolved

    I got the error Code CCB-A for RPG Maker 2003. It was in trial mode when I installed it. I have used the program on this computer before, but I had to erase all of my data on my computer and try to reinstall. It was working the first day, but on the second day, when I found out what my...
  17. Jhale M.

    All Hail the Ultimate RPG Maker

    Hey, and welcome to me! I am working on two RPG Maker 2003 games. I believe that they will be the best, even if they do not get rated too highly. My current project is called Magical Girl Castle and I have been working on it for a month or so, but I have been going through different story ideas...

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