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  1. Aryam777

    Recalculate Params on command

    Well I have this situation where a parameter is dependant on a variable. So when a variable changes I need the game to recalculate params, as if a weapon was equiped or a level up occured. I can level up and then level back down to achieve the recalculation but, leveling up might change other...
  2. Aryam777

    Game Message and Choice dynamic text code Tutorial

    Messages and Choices via Scripts and Dynamic Text Codes It has been very difficult to find an answer for this, as well as to find a cohesive explanation of choice scripting. Google searching and copy pasting always makes the console to dump an exception on you... While trying to overcome the...
  3. Aryam777

    Yanfly's Common Event Menu Window Backgrounds

    It might be a silly one but all I can seem to achieve is the default "window" background option... What if I want "dim" or "transparent"? Or just to remove borders from those windows... Anyone? Tried searching "common even window background" on forums here and tutorials not to be a pain but...
  4. Aryam777

    How to keep Message Window when displaying choices

    I know this normally happens by default. However in this specific situation I have to use scripts to display a message that will provide info for the choices. So $gameMessage.setFaceImage('Actor1',0); $gameMessage.setBackground(1); $gameMessage.setPositionType(2); $gameMessage.add("My message...
  5. Aryam777

    Acces to old ReStaff packages

    Hi! So if I saw something I really like in old ReStaff packages (like year 2012 or 2013) should I be able to download them? Recent links are working correctly, but when I click on download links for old ReStaff materials it always says "the page does not exist". Are the older packs unavailible...
  6. Aryam777

    Can you use var in a text as pointer to another var?

    What I mean is if you can do something like this: ex. \v[ v[7] ] While Yanfly's extended messages allows to display item icons and text, it only works when you input a specific number (like \ii[7]), however I would like a message to display a previously selected item. I already know the item's...

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