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  1. moldy

    (SOLVED) Yanfly Extra Enemy Drops + Elemental Attacks

    Is there a way to make a conditional drop check if the killing blow was a certain element? There's a check to see how many times the enemy was struck with an element, but I'm only interested in the killing blow. It seems to have literally every other possible check on killing blows except...
  2. moldy

    Infamous White Screen Upon Launching RPG Maker MV (SOLVED)

    I've scoured the forums and internet for a solution to help but I'm about to give up right now...I've been using RPG Maker MV just fine the past week and after I installed a new motherboard, RAM, and a cpu, RPG maker refuses to launch. I just get a white screen for a moment upon launching then 2...
  3. moldy

    Chat Log

    I don't know if I'm remembering correctly, but I think I recall a script that added an MMO-esque chat log at the bottom of the screen that you could add messages to. No MMO functionality needed....was more of an aesthetic thing. To emulate the look of an MMO chat log. Am I remembering wrong? If...
  4. moldy

    Yanfly Class System + Changing Actor Graphics

    I'm having a bit of a problem here. So I set it up so my character automatically changes his sprite based on his current class using Yanfly's notetags. The issue I'm running into is whenever I change that character's sprite using an event and try to change it back using another event, he keeps...
  5. moldy

    Yanfly's Stealth Chase Event

    Has anyone noticed if you use Region IDs for stealth, event/chasers will just halt where they are and won't continue moving until you move out of chase distance? Is this intentional?
  6. moldy

    Calling Enemy Index as Variable/Control Enemies

    So I'm on the verge of making a semi-okay way to replicate monster controlling (having a character charm a monster and control their exact actions). First I apply the charmed state. If successful, user gains skillset of that monster. I store the monster's index for later use with this note tag...
  7. moldy

    Trying to create a specific Passive

    Okay so I'm trying to make a passive using Yanfly's State Core. This passive is a global enemy passive. Anytime an enemy is struck with a physical attack, I want a specific actor to follow up that attack with a normal attack of their own on the same target (by default, skill #001 "Attack")...
  8. moldy

    Switching Status Effects With Target

    I'm trying to create a skill that transfers a target's current status effects to the user and vice versa. It only seems to work when the enemy currently has no statuses. I can't seem to figure out whats wrong. Here's my code: var number = 0; var player = []; // array to hold caster's current...
  9. moldy

    FFVI: Relm's Control Enemy Ability

    Hello! Was wondering if this would be a daunting recreate Relm's Control ability from FF6. This allows the player to temporarily control an enemy's actions (choose what exact spell to use, etc). This would ideally give the controller (person who cast control on an enemy) all the...
  10. moldy


    I was wondering if a summoning plugin was in the works. I know Vlue was able to whip up a pretty comprehensive script for VX Ace, one that allowed you to summon actors into battle to fight alongside you temporarily. I know adding actors to battle is pretty straightforward with events, but I...
  11. moldy

    Attempting to Create Summoning Skill via Events

    Since I've yet to find a summoning script, I'm trying to event the summons. It's an easy enough task except for one major road bump: max party size. My game is going to have about 10+ characters, so I want to keep my max party size at 4. This means my party will be pretty much full at all times...
  12. moldy

    Tile Layer Manipulation

    I'm not sure exactly how to articulate this well but I'm going to try. So, I want my game to incorporate a sort of pseudo-isometric view like Earthbound. It doesn't use a typical top down view, but rather a more horizontal view as shown in the screenshot. For the most part, making the tiles is...
  13. moldy

    Recommendations for Sprite Programs (Beginner)

    I'm not looking to make a huge investment right now, being relatively new and all, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good (cheap or free) program to start with. I love the idea of being able to do it on my android tablet but the programs available on there leave a lot to be desired. I...
  14. moldy

    Storing Map Names into Variables?

    Is there a way to do this? I know you can store the Map ID, but....what about the name?
  15. moldy

    Chat Bubbles During Battle?

    I apologize if there's already a script for this but my searches have resulted in no luck. I've recently watched vids on Doom and Destiny and I'd like to simulate the random chat bubbles during attacks like they do but I wasn't sure if there was already something that accomplishes this in MV...
  16. moldy

    Generic Modern Clothes (MV)

    Hello there! I was wondering if a kind artist could help me with this. I want to add modern, yet generic, clothing to my character generator. Like plain white T shirt and hoodies with blue jeans. Also, short sleeve plaid button up shirts. The "style" I don't really care about. I guess the...
  17. moldy

    Script Call for Collapse?

    I can't seem to find this. I couldn't find it in the script call database on this site. I need it to force an enemy to collapse since they linger in battle and refuse to vanish on death. >_> Could someone help me out? :)
  18. moldy

    Yanfly ATB + Doom State

    So I'm trying to get these two to function together but it just isn't working out. Countdown reaches 0 and the mob just stays frozen and never dies. Works just fine in DTB mode but ATB just isn't having it for some reason. I've tried Hime's progressive state plugin  but to no avail. Even with...
  19. moldy

    Game Crashes when I press right during battle

    So, during battle, I'll keep pressing right to scroll through my actors. When I reach the last actor and press right again, I get this error: In my clean Yanfly demo, I don't seem to get this error and the battle proceeds. My party skips all their turns, which is what I'm assuming pressing...
  20. moldy

    Force Action Attack Speed

    So I'm trying to have a scripted boss battle where on a certain turn they use a hard hitting skill thats supposed to go last. I've made sure the attack speed modifier is in the negatives. Normally when I let the mob attack without using events, the skill works as intended (it always goes last)...

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