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  1. Tommy Gun

    Ideas for the "Select Item" Command (Demos + Code Tutorial)

    In previous RMs they had "key items." In RMMV, you can select regular, key, and hidden items! Here are some ideas for your games.   DEMOS: 2:10 - Trade an item for 3 gears 3:47 - Card game 4:38 - Point-and-click adventure game   CODING: 7:06 - Trade an item for 3 gears 11:17 - Card...
  2. Tommy Gun

    [solved] Getting a value from a notetag

    I have item 1 with the notetag: <scrap_glass: 3> I'm trying to use this code in a script call (simplified version): $gameParty.gainItem($dataItems[10], $dataItems[1].meta.scrap_glass);It's not working. What am I doing wrong? I could only find a few threads on notetags, but that's the code...
  3. Tommy Gun

    Can you "include" JS from a separate file?

    I have a plug-in in development, and would really like to separate the user-editable code into another file. I'm used to PHP where you can simply "include" another file, and it works as if the code is right there. I found some answers for JS, but they all use other libraries (prototype, ajax...
  4. Tommy Gun

    How to Bulk Edit Your Database (JSON Files) and Save Time!

    Save tons of time by bulk editing your database in a text editor! We'll use "find and replace" to change words with a few clicks! Then we'll add a trait to ALL armor, and even create a quick macro to change prices. The same basic steps work on all the files -- items, weapons, skills, etc.
  5. Tommy Gun

    What are some good uses for "Select Item"?

    This is not about *how* (coding-wise) to use Select Item, but *why* you use it -- what are some good uses? What are some ideas for Hidden Items? I made a tutorial for Key Items in Ace, and want to make one for MV that shows some good functions. I have some ideas: - achievements - quest log -...
  6. Tommy Gun

    Super Mario-style World Map

    This was asked in the support forum, so I made a full tutorial! Here's how to make a world map that unlocks levels as you progress, and also automatically moves the character from point-to-point. We make new graphics, including an animated "gold" point to show which levels are accessible. This...
  7. Tommy Gun

    New Features in RPG Maker MV (video)

    In this video I show you all the new features in MV, the differences between events in Ace vs. MV, talk about bugs (and fixes!), etc. There's a table of contents with timecodes below the video if you'd like to jump ahead. Table of Contents: 00:42 Big New Features 04:18 Character Generator...
  8. Tommy Gun

    RPG Maker MV FAQ

    I've noticed a lot of the same questions popping up, and some answers are getting hard to find because the threads get buried (or are spread across multiple subforums). This is an attempt to get the important stuff all in one place. I will continue to add to this, so please post anything that I...
  9. Tommy Gun

    CRG Random Text - random text when clicking on events

    This is my very first MV plug-in, and I need some feedback/help! What it does: This lets you write a bunch of different descriptions, dialogue, etc. for various events, and have them randomly displayed when clicked. For instance, I can write multiple descriptions of a crystal, and then every...
  10. Tommy Gun

    How to import tilesets and Steam "DLC" - Video Tutorial

    This is a beginner tutorial showing how to import tilesets, music, character graphics, etc. (resource packs) into RPG Maker, and set passability settings. 0:51 Folder Locations 4:21 Importing Characters 6:18 Adding More Tilesets 9:53 Tileset Mode 11:42 Setting Passability 18:35 Sample Maps...
  11. Tommy Gun

    How to Create Autotiles - Video Series

    Here's my 3-part series on creating autotiles! Each video has chapter links in the youtube description so you can skip around.   Part 1 covers how autotiles work (see diagram below), the differences between A1-A5, borderlines, counters, etc. Part 2 shows how to create a standard seamless tile --...
  12. Tommy Gun

    Sliding Bookcase Secret Passage - Video Tutorial

    How to make a secret passage hidden behind a bookcase! Pull out a book and the bookcases slide open to reveal the tunnel. See my signature for the video on sprite formatting if needed.  Visit for a list of scripts I use in these...
  13. Tommy Gun

    Random Loot! - Video Tutorial

    Here are multiple methods for random loot (stats are not random, only which items you get are). This can be used for items, weapon, armor, etc., and you don't need to only use treasure chests -- maybe an NPC will give you some loot? This tutorial was a request! Let me know what else you'd like...
  14. Tommy Gun

    Recurrence - "Groundhog Day" mixed with social engineering [download + update!]

    Here's my submission! This game will be expanded and enhanced! While this version is a “full game” in that it has a main storyline and an ending, it was always my intention to fill out the rest of the city with people and quests, upgrade the graphics, and release it as a FULL game. Please...
  15. Tommy Gun

    ** Update: DEADLINE IS UP! ** Reminder: Deadline is midnight *UTC* time today! (5-8pm in the US, I t

    I'm still adding stuff to my game! I knew the deadline was midnight, but double-checked and saw that it's *UTC* time -- so check your timezone if you haven't submitted yet! It could be much earlier than you thought! I've been working FULL TIME on my game, and it would suck so much to miss the...
  16. Tommy Gun

    Do we need commercial rights to enter the contest? (Updated with Permission List!)

    UPDATE: We've come to the conclusion that you probably need commercial rights, and either way you should contact each resource creator individually. Official response on page two, here, agrees with this. Of course the RTP and any "DLC"/resource packs you buy from Enterbrain is legal (if used...
  17. Tommy Gun

    Yanfly Item Menu -- I want to jump straight to the items

    I have Yanfly's Item Menu script, and also the Menu Engine. I've edited the Item menu a bit to remove all weapons/armors, because my game only uses items. I've added new categories for them. So now in game it goes like this:   (open menu) Items -> Items -> Keys/Books/etc   Ideally I'd put all...
  18. Tommy Gun

    RPG Maker VX Ace Beginner Tutorial Video Series (over 2 hours long!)

    This is an overview of the program itself. I try to cover what every button does. Feel free to skip ahead. You may want to watch directly on youtube so the links below are clickable: 1:40 - Map Properties 5:03 - Toolbar 7:40 - Drawing a Map 9:13 - Game Properties (keyboard remapping)...
  19. Tommy Gun

    On Screen HUD Meter Video Tutorial (Health, Hunger, Thirst, Morality, etc.)

    How to create an on screen meter, to display something like health, hunger, thirst, etc. In this example I base it off my previous tutorial where I made a Morality System. You can download the image files I used, on my site: Visit...
  20. Tommy Gun

    Simple Karma/Morality System (Video)

    How to create a morality system (aka karma, alignment, etc.). We'll use a single variable and set up some quests to determine if you're good or evil, then set two different endings to the game. Visit for a list of scripts I use...

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