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  1. RadiantCadenza

    Modern Workout Equipment and Junkyard er... Junk.

    Two separate types of things I'm looking for right now but I figured I making two threads would be frowned upon so I'll do a two-for-one. I'll start by saying I'm open to commissioning some of these or buying DLCs, but I figured I'd ask in requests first in case someone already knows of some...
  2. RadiantCadenza

    RMMV Dream Devouerer (IGMC Action RPG)

    “Unfortunately, sleep is the least restful part of my day...“ Ashling is a seemingly ordinary office worker, who spends her days crunching numbers for the Halcyon Tower Insurance Firm, and her nights struggling for survival in a world she does not yet understand. After awakening to her powers...
  3. RadiantCadenza

    Fine-tuning player walk speed

    I tried looking up how to change the player's walk speed, and the only advice I could find was using set-move-route to double or halve it. Both are more extreme than I would like so I was wondering if it were somehow possible to make it something like 1.5 the default walkspeed? Can that be...
  4. RadiantCadenza

    Radiant Cadenza Studios: music, logos and interface graphics

    Hello everyone. I'm a composer and graphic designer. I've decided to start taking free requests because I have a few skills I need to get some more practice with, and making stuff for other people is a good way to branch out.  Terms of use: For graphics, my main specialty is graphics for...
  5. RadiantCadenza

    Goblin Noir: Cement Shoes are Highly Unfashionable- Full Release updated to V1.01

    By DrunkenElf and RadiantCadenza     Sheila Stix is your is your average small time gangster. She might not have the most legal job in the world, but how else is a goblin supposed to pay for all those trips to the mall? But when an average trade goes horribly wrong, its up to Sheila to find the...
  6. RadiantCadenza

    Moghunter's Battle HUD in front of pictures (Or lowering Z value of pictures)

    I'm trying to use Moghunter's Battle HUD in my game, but I'm having an issue in that it is always drawn behind things drawn with the "Show Picture" Event command, and I want it to always be out in front.  The script has a configurable Z value for the HUD, but even if i set it to 90 million or...
  7. RadiantCadenza

    Cosplay Gladiators

    And here I am announcing a project that is already on Hiatus!    Ehehe... I've been working on this project for about a month, but it's not eligible for that indie game competition, which I really want to enter, so development is on hold for the next 20 days while I work on that. But it'd be...
  8. RadiantCadenza

    VX ACE RTP Wheelchair

    Are there any sprites or sprite templates for wheelchair-bound persons in the VX/ACE RTP chibi style? I don't need it for any specific character, just some npcs, (I'l just be editing the portraits and such to match the sprite) so the only requirement is a rolling 4 direction wheelchair sprite. ...
  9. RadiantCadenza

    A type of skill cost resource that is shared by the entire party.

    Basically, I would like a system where the whole party has a shared pool of 'points' of some kind in addition to, (or optionally, instead of) individual actor MP/TP to use special skills. I was trying to accomplish this by using Yanfly's free turn battle system, but the more I look though the...
  10. RadiantCadenza

    [ACE] Adding Bonus Actions to Yanfly's FTB- or an alternate script for shared special move costs

    I'm trying to figure out a way to limit the number of special moves used by the whole party per turn, so that not everybody gets to do fancy stuff all at once and a couple of party members need to use their basic attacks.   I was trying to use Yanfly's Free turn battle as a sort of skill cost...
  11. RadiantCadenza


    So I was planning on sticking a few miko/Japanese shrine maiden type characters  into a RPG Maker VX ACE project (Including it being a select-able class for the main character), and I'm having a hard time finding any sprites for it.  I'm surprised since I figured it'd be a common enough thing...
  12. RadiantCadenza

    Change Title Screen Based on Game Achievements or Global Save

    I'm currently making a game with multiple endings, and what I would like to do is add a picture/icon to the title screen for each of the endings that have been achieved. That way the player can track which of the endings they have gotten if they want to attempt multiple playthings to see them...

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