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  1. RMMV Remove Terms After Battle

    I use LeNotifications which makes the "You leveled up" "You gained xp" "You got item name" messages after the fight redundant. If I remove the text from the "terms" tab it still gives me a blank page. I'm looking for a plugin to disable them.
  2. Remove Terms After Battle

    Should I make a new thread?
  3. Remove Terms After Battle

    I use LeNotifications which makes the "You leveled up" "You gained xp" "You got item name" messages redundant. If I remove the text from the "terms" tab it still give me a blank page. Is there a way to disable them?
  4. Using switches in battle?

    Thanks, I got it working.
  5. Using switches in battle?

    I'm trying to make a timed battle. The parallel event that handles what would happen if the time runs out takes priority over everything. I tried adding a swtich after the battle to the battle event, but it's ignored. If the enemy dies, but I'm not fast enough the leave the menu the time limit...
  6. Using switches in battle?

    How do I turn on a switch on the death of an enemy while the battle is still running?
  7. RMMV Basic Weight Plugin

    I've updated the post.
  8. RMMV Basic Weight Plugin

    That's the first thing I've tried. Same thing.
  9. RMMV Basic Weight Plugin

    After some messing around, I figured out it has a problem with Yep_ItemCore. The error only comes up if I set it to weight mode.
  10. RMMV Basic Weight Plugin

    They didn't work, unfortunately. Procraftynation takes total control of the player's speed, it doesn't know what to do with equipment that raises the player's speed for example.. and I couldn't find any way to mess with the weight variable, either. Limited Inventory gives me an error when I...
  11. RMMV Basic Weight Plugin

    Greetings. I'm trying to implement a weight system into my game, and I can't find a plugin that works and does what I need. -I need it to display the current weight in the inventory (Something like this: -The ability to assign weight values to items/armors/weapons via...
  12. Select Multiple Correct Items?

    Someone gave me an example, and it worked.
  13. Select Multiple Correct Items?

    Edit: Nevermind, I think I got it.
  14. Select Multiple Correct Items?

    The two items have nothing to do with each other basically, but both of them can be used in this case and have a seperate outcome. The player may have one of them or both of them. It's easy to do if I don't touch the Select Item command, but I want to be consistent.
  15. Select Multiple Correct Items?

    Can give me an example? I've never used the loop function.
  16. Select Multiple Correct Items?

    For exampe, there's a glass of vine you need to poison. You got two items you can use: Rat Poison and a Cursed Powder. Select Item only allows you to select one correct item at a time. Is there a way to circumvent that?
  17. Magic reflect animation

    Is there a way to show the animation of the spell that's reflected back to the attacker? For example, if an enemy casts an ice spell on me the animation of that ice spell would hit the enemy before taking damage.
  18. Permanently delete event

    Nevermind, I got it working.
  19. Permanently delete event

    I made a spell that transforms the player into a random monster. When the player becomes an imp for example, I want all imps to no longer be hostile. If I use self switches the defeated imp (which should be gone) reappears once the "transform" switch becomes active and if try to erase the event...
  20. Teleportation spell during battle

    I have a problem with making a spell that teleports the player to a safe location. I've already made it work outside of battles but it fails to execute the transfer command when I cast it during a fight. Can someone help me out with this?

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