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    What is your fovorite aspect of game creation?

    It's not specific to game development, but making characters is by far my favorite part of any creative project. Everything from writing their stories to designing their appearances to figuring out their gameplay abilities is a blast

    RMMV Deciding on Frontview vs. Sideview...

    I think your front view looks INCREDIBLE and could totally carry a game! You should definitely take that advice from earlier to add in more functionality to the actual battle system, as the default system as is is really lackluster, but in terms of just visuals, I think that front view shot...

    Do you organize your projects?

    Before I start working on the game, I write up a game design document for all the major concepts and whatnot so I always have some general direction of what I need to accomplish for the project While working on the game, I have a sorta throwaway RPG Maker project open on another monitor where I...

    Thoughts on using skills from existing games?

    Yeah just change the name if it stands out as too unique to another game and you should be fine. I don't think Final Fantasy has absolute claim over a skill that inflicts a bunch of ailments or anything haha

    What's The Story Behind Your Avatar?

    It's just a drawing I did of BURNING JUSTICE, a character I decided to use as the mascot for my games. I'm not an artist but I thought it looked decent enough. Just kind of a cheesy Kamen Rider inspired superhero type character I had an earlier version of it for a few months as well

    "Tales of" inspired skits? POLL

    The skit system is probably the best method for character interaction I've ever seen in the genre, and I wish more games would go that route rather than something like Social Links

    How many times have you wanted to quit?

    I've never wanted to outright quit but there are definitely times where I've had to take a break and do something else. Working on projects is hard, especially if you go a long time without making any major progression towards completion, so I think it's a good idea to step back for a bit and...

    Single-Target, 1-turn buffs: is it ever good to design these?

    If it's only for 1 turn, I'd expect it to be something juicy, like a huge damage boost, guaranteed critical hit, perform an action twice, grant max super meter, etc. I think that'd be totally worth it for a single turn and target buff

    What are some of your favorite unique mechanics in RPGs?

    Field of Fonons from Tales of the Abyss: Elemental abilities, like spells, would leave little elemental circles on the battlefield, and if you activated specific abilities within those circles, that ability would transform into a much more powerful ability. It created a really nice synergy...

    [Writing] How long did you take to write your whole script?

    Less than a month for the game I've completed, and about three weeks for the one I'm working on now, but those are both very short games and not really RPGs There's another much bigger game that's actually an RPG that I've been trying to collab with other people on, including having one of them...

    Should puzzles be dumbed down to increase playability?

    I'll almost always vouch for this approach A lotta people are interested in RPGs mostly for the story, and blocking them from progressing can frustrate them. Difficult battles can also do this, but those can usually be overcome through grinding or getting better equipment; things that keep the...

    RMXP Dreamare Demo (WIP)

    I'm down for anything inspired by Kamen Rider! It all sounds pretty cool to me, and I really like the design of the main character!

    RMMZ Magnum Rider Z [One Map Challenge]

    Whoa this looks super cool! I love tokusatsu! That was a lotta fun! Super impressed with the presentation, the artwork, and how well you captured the right tone in such a short time frame. I'd totally be on board for more

    What were your favorite aspects of Retro RPGs?

    I was always interested in how they mashed concepts together. Like a game might start off in a pretty basic village, but later on there's suddenly mechs, or you have a boss battle against a guy with boxing gloves. The third act might have you going to outer space, your party might consist of...

    Being helped by NPCs

    How about an NPC who sits down with party members individually, listens to their troubles, washes their filthy adventuring clothes, bakes them cookies, and tells them that they're loved and appreciated

    What Age You Would Choose For your Characters on Your Maker Game?

    Almost always adults, but I do like to use younger characters if I plan to age them up later, because I find that growth and transformation to be pretty fun

    What do you look for in an RPGM game?

    I enjoy seeing games that look like passion projects that couldn't have been made by anyone else. When you can tell the game has a lotta thought put into it, especially in regards to characters and story; like someone really tried their best with what they had available to them. Even if it's not...

    Your Alternate Names For Stock Items?

    I use "Tonics" for the general-purpose items, and they're divided into color categories based on their effects. "Blue Tonic" recovers Health, "Red Tonic" recovers Magic (or whatever the specific resource for the game is), and "Yellow Tonic" cures Ailments Each type has more effective variants...

    Your Preference Battle System in RPG Makers

    No worries man. I used Charge Turn Battle for it

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