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  1. Treetops behind cliff edges - problem & solution

    This is pretty usefull in many ways, great way to do it,  thank you!
  2. Actor Stat Window

    Hey first of all! thank you for the script  and it's really usefull ! Edit: Sorry i got it finally after 5 minutes of reading through etc. lol :D
  3. Event Position: Fine Tuning

    Wow Vlue! this script is so awesome ! i cant describe with words ! 
  4. Sleek Item Popup

    Hey just wanted to say your script are awesome and so are you! :D
  5. Basic Options Menu

    Hi first of all thanks for the script, but i was wondering why is there the option " Option" in the menu twice? :O And how can i change that if its's possible? 
  6. YEA Party System Auto-Formation

    Sorry i made a mistake here thought of something else..
  7. Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    wow this is so awesome man! was looking for a mouse script.^^ THANKS SO MUCH! 
  8. Need help to prevent Gameover - using ABS.

    Is there anyway on how to prevent a gameover outside the battle, becaus im using Falcao Pearl ABS and basicly what im looking for is if i die on map somehow i would be teleported to another area or if i died of a trap and lost HP i would be teleported, maybe a spawning place for a character...
  9. Common event on death outside battle

    Hey im new on RPG Maker vx ace and i have been looking for script like this almost everywhere i've been trying to put your script and it doesn't work for me, what i basicly using is Falcao Pearl ABS, and im looking for a script or a common event that prevent gameover, if  you could help me on...

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