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  1. Jzkann

    {SOLVED} Very broken interface.

    Hey there. I was enjoying using RPG Maker MV and doing random things when I decided to start creating a serious project. A thing I noticed is that, while the map, the animations etc. work fine by themselves, when I open a GUI (for example, a message box or the pause menu, the interfaces show...
  2. Jzkann

    [SOLVED] Black screen on playtest

    Hello there. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I couldn't find anything else. Basically, I downloaded the free version of RPG Maker MV. I tried creating something, and then I tested. The problem is that, it showed a "file missing" Chrome error. So, I noticed I accidentally moved my...
  3. Jzkann

    Variable won't decrease

    Hello there. I'm creating some Firearms in my game. Basically, they're Items that when you use them in battle, they call a common event that executes a particular skill and the ammo capacity (a variable) decreases. When this variable is 0, the weapon will reload and shoot if you have other ammo...
  4. Jzkann

    A kind of fourth-wall breaking game {SOLVED}

    Hello, I am pretty new to this forum, so please, forgive me if I do anything wrong. Basically, I'm creating a new game that, once you finish it and begin a new round, it gives you a prize basing on the actions you did on the previous round. How can I do that? Are there any scripts that let me do...
  5. Jzkann

    A RPG Maker character creator

    Hello! I'm pretty new here, so, sorry if I am not posting in the right section. I was trying to make characters for a school game, but I don't like much their faces. Also they're almost all with the same height, and this makes them a bit odd. Do you know some character creator, online or...

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