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  1. looking for a script that can cancel battle animations while its playing

    i'm trying to make a combo system that allows me to: use a skill, play its animation halfway, and then cancel it halfway with the press of a button. im working on a combo cancel/chaining system similar to DMC. example: use skill, animation plays, cancel it halfway with button (shift) that...
  2. How do I make variables update after every attack in a battle?

    I'm trying to make a battle event where a variable increases after every forced attack, it's an event where the player can only defend and the enemy attacks over and over and after a certain threshold is reached something happens and the enemy stops attacking. It seems variables only update...
  3. Yami Skill Equip script NoMethodError Occured crash

    I'm getting a crash with this script: Skill Equip:320:in `equipped_skills': private method `select' called for nil:NilClass, NoMethodError from Skill Equip:330:in `skills' from Passive States:197:in...

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