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  1. Skwis

    RMMZ Shop inventory limited item stock for MZ

    Lots of plugins for this in MV, but I can't seem to find any for MZ. Tsukihime talks about porting their shop manager plugin to MZ, but as far as I can tell that never happened. Anybody have any luck getting this...
  2. Skwis

    Dumpster tile? [MZ]

    Looking for this kind of dumpster in head-on orientation and/or side orientation.
  3. Skwis

    RMMZ Change map display name mid-game

    Looking for a way to show the map display name when needed but have it say something other than what the map is called. E.g. you have one very large map with different areas, so walking into a new area will show the map display name with the name of that area, instead of what you typed in the...
  4. Skwis

    RMMZ Non default movement speeds for events

    I've always felt like the "4: Normal" option is too slow but "5: x2 Faster" is too fast. Would love a way to have a speed in between these default options.
  5. Skwis

    Looking for effekseer smoke animation

    I'm a little disappointed effekseer doesn't come with any smoke effects by default. The closest they have is the fog animation. Before I spend hours of my day learning effekseer and trying to make smoke, does anyone have any smoke effects of any kind you're willing to share?
  6. Skwis

    Distribution package won't create with "Exclude Unused Files" option? [MZ]

    It won't even give me the "Failed to create distribution package" error message that I see everyone else get when I search this issue. It just shows me an empty progress bar that will never fill. This only happens when I select the Exclude Unused Files option. I really don't want to have to...
  7. Skwis

    Make using an item perform a region check, then activate event?

    I'm making a quest where you have to be a photographer. When you "use" the camera item in your inventory, I want it to check if you're on a region. If player uses the camera item while standing on region 1, this is a good photo and window will pop up saying good job. If player uses the camera...
  8. Skwis

    TypeError Cannot read properly 'width' of undefined [MZ]

    This happens anytime I try to battle test. I'm not using any plugins, which seem to be the problem with everyone else who gets this error. So I'm not sure what my problem could be.

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