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  1. Sir_Titas

    RMMZ tone js synth powered music engine with compatibility for mz variables and switches

    Hey guys I have a plugin request that might be a bit out there, because i could not find any results for it on google or makerdevs. What i want to do is completly ignore mz's base music system and use tone js ( to have a dynamic synth powered music system. I have one...
  2. Sir_Titas

    Giant Hand Sideview Battler

    Resource Type: Sideview Battler Maker Format: MZ Art Style: MZ RTP with a bit of anime style due to the size Description: basically 2 giant hands with the arms going off-screen with the hands about 10 x bigger than the player Reference Images:
  3. Sir_Titas

    RMMZ Steam api for mz

    i am having a bit of trouble with the steam api, more specifically with implementing it in mz, i know there are plugins for mv but i need to do it in mz, and i need to use the steam inventory service in my game. Does anyone know how i can do this? Thanks in advance
  4. Sir_Titas

    Plugin parameters = plugin variables?

    i have an issue with a plugin i am trying to develop for myself, i know how to make a plugin variable equal a @param, but what i am having trouble with is the other way around I have a parameter @param date and i want it to equal var d which is equal to date.getDate() The parameter is a @type...
  5. Sir_Titas

    Plugin Request - In Game Achievments

    hey guys Titanor Here I have a plugin request for an in-game achievement system that gives certain skills, items and player perks when certain conditions are met, as well as a customizable screen in the menu to view your achievements Anyway thanks in advance if someone can make this a plugin

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