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  1. Taylor

    A story behind your avatar

    Used with their approval, at that!
  2. Taylor

    A story behind your avatar

    Thanks Kes! Appreciate you taking a look.
  3. Taylor

    A story behind your avatar

    Mine is a cropped drawing from a frame of an opening animated bumper I made for an animation festival back in 2013. The character resembles me, so it seemed like a good option for an avatar. If you'd like to watch the animated piece, you can check it out here!
  4. Taylor

    Total noob, but excited!

    Wow! It seems I've blinked and four years have passed! I ended up getting swept up in life, but I'm back! Armed with MV, in-between jobs and binging on tutorials. All I can think about now is games and making games; so pumped to be back and excited to post progress as it comes! Hope you're all well!
  5. Taylor

    Total noob, but excited!

    Thanks for all the tips and support already folks. I'm hoping to do you all proud! ( and also make a game worthy enough to justify purchasing a laptop for it. no pressure lol )
  6. Taylor

    Total noob, but excited!

    Hey folks! As an animation/vfx professional, I've been wanting to dive into making games forever. I dabbled as a kid with some ancient software (Klik & Play and later The Games Factory) but haven't done anything like it in well over a decade.  Scored VX Ace during a Steam Sale, and about to...
  7. Taylor

    What do you collect?

    I collect cels from animated films/projects, and generally only from the filmmakers or a close source. Ebay and auction stuff is hard to validate.  I've got a Ren & Stimpy, Holli from Cool World and a handful from independent shorts from filmmakers like John Dilworth, Bill Plympton, Pat Smith...

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