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  1. Philsco

    Self Switch check via script call?

    Okay, so in VX Ace, you could use $game_self_switches[[map, event, 'self_switch']] = value to manipulate an event's self switch. For example: $game_self_switches[[@map_id, 7, 'C']] = true would change event 7 on the current map's self switch "C" to "On," since in that code @map_id referenced...
  2. Philsco

    Trying to read an event's note tag based on an x,y

    Hello! I'm having some difficulty determining how to use javascript to read an event's note tag. I've searched quite a bit, but only find ways to read the game data for items, battlers, etc. What I'm trying to accomplish is a high-speed (practically instantaneous) projectile script for the...
  3. Philsco

    JS: Finding what event is within an area in front of the player's x/y (shotgun map effect)

    Hey there! I've tried searching but can't seem to find the right way to phrase it to get the information I need, so I hope this isn't something common that I have just failed miserably at searching for X_x Anyway, I have a common event that is called by a keypress which uses a skill (ABS-style...
  4. Philsco

    Issues with managing command input

    I want to change the basic layout of the keyboard/mouse inputs, but I can't for the life of me find a way to do that in the editor! I searched the forums (maybe poorly?) for about 10 minutes, and couldn't find anything on it other than a couple plugins (one YEP...
  5. Philsco

    Questions about mouse interaction.

    If you are like, "why so much text, bruh!?," see the very last sentence, please! I have been using Shaz's (excellent!) script, "Super Simple Mouse Script by Shaz."  I really hate to post a "help me!" post so quickly after joining the community, but I think I have a fair and comprehensive way to...
  6. Philsco

    Map I missing something here?

    I haven't used RPG Maker series in years, and I really, /really/ miss those different editing layers!  Hoo, boy...  But, nothing can be done about that... Still, I feel like I'm doing something "wrong," or missing a trick here.  When I'm selecting a tile from the "B" or "C" tab, and I lay it...

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