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  1. sb~

    RMMV The Last Chronomancer (OFFICIAL CHAPTER 1 RELEASED)

    @kimo it sounds like you're at the boss that nukes the front or back row. It tells you as it charges the spell which row it is targetting, so you'll need to move your party members constantly. When it's their turn, look for the Row command to change rows. You may need to press the Cancel/X...
  2. sb~

    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Awesome, thanks for finishing and sharing this! I will likely plan my next game around using this battle system whenever I get around to that :)
  3. sb~

    Can the JRPG Fantasy Music Packs be used in non Degica products?

    "or the engine of your choice" seems pretty straightforward to me...
  4. sb~

    RMMV The Last Chronomancer (OFFICIAL CHAPTER 1 RELEASED)

    I wonder if the Battle Results problem is also hardware driven. I never had the issue either but my brother with a >60 Hz monitor and a pretty nice computer would complain about the post-battle lag. I changed plugins and kinda forgot about it, but now that I'm playing your game and having the...
  5. sb~

    RMMV The Last Chronomancer (OFFICIAL CHAPTER 1 RELEASED)

    Played it some more and finished the chapter. Was pretty enjoyable and well balanced. I really liked the world building in the dialogue. An issue I had was during the battle results. Sometimes I would get locked in for up to a minute (I timed it) where I couldn't do anything. During the lumber...
  6. sb~

    RMMV Mina - A Story Inbetween: A pretty hard, classic RPG

    Yeah some cool elements to the game, but agreed with others it's too difficult from the start and will be an instant turn off for many players. You may understand your combat system but a new player won't -- at least not right away. I made it about 15 minutes in and got absolutely destroyed in...
  7. sb~

    Suggestion 15 years later and too little has changed

    I generally agree the vanilla RPG Maker is almost physically painful to use, and most RTP games equally painful to play. However at the end of the day it's a simple game engine that allows users to start somewhere. Like other game engines, I think we can judge its potential with the games that...
  8. sb~

    RMMV Story seems like "thats been done before"

    Eh, it's easy to get discouraged, but when I have a similar train of thought I'll think back to my theater class years and years ago. Essentially my teacher said that every plot that you could think of, more or less, has been conceived by someone at some point in time (even as far back as...
  9. sb~

    RMMV The Last Chronomancer (OFFICIAL CHAPTER 1 RELEASED)

    Nice work. Played it for a bit and definitely see some of the polish you've done. My main complaint is how odd it is that Keegan says he wants to go on a journey, travels seemingly to the next screen to Pentam, then stays there for 4 years?? If he's been traveling for some time from the Jade...
  10. sb~

    How to Update NW.js to Dramatically improve Game Performance!

    Works perfect - thanks! For those who updated nwjs based on Killer Gin's instructions, make sure you also update the package.json in the nwjs-win directory so it applies to your deployed game as well.
  11. sb~

    How to Update NW.js to Dramatically improve Game Performance!

    Thanks Killer Gin. I updated pixi.js to 4.8.9 and ns.js to 49.2 as you recommended and it works great. The only problem I have is as others have mentioned: opening a new game now puts the game window in the upper-left corner and not centered on my screen. If anyone has been able to resolve this...
  12. sb~

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Having seen what I've seen of Cyberpunk 2077, I'll add this to my "wait for $20 or less sale". It's a shame, it seemed like it had a lot of potential.
  13. sb~

    Elemental Advantage

    Actually I do something similar as well except I lumped Pierce and Slash together, and kept Holy/Dark apart. I used to have more elements but found it too confusing... sometimes "less is more".
  14. sb~

    How Many Encounters?

    I was as well, but going back to some of these older games can sometimes drive me nuts. I replayed Breath of Fire 2 recently and sometimes I wanted to throw my 3DS when I encountered an enemy every ~5 steps. Also considering the fact that we're indie and not AAA developers, I would wager that...
  15. sb~

    Do You Have Healing?

    Hoarding items seems to be a persistent problem in many RPGs. I try to mitigate this by not introducing a healer type class or direct healing abilities until halfway through the game. This way the player needs to choose which of their damage dealers are going to use their turn to utilize those...
  16. sb~

    "Tales of" inspired skits? POLL

    I think you already know the answer to your question :) Make the game that you would want to play. If it includes skits, then include them.
  17. sb~

    Getting started

    I don't think you need anything fancy here. I found it helpful to simply jot down my thoughts in the Notes app of my phone. It's not the best organizational tool, but I find some of my best ideas come when my brain is on autopilot similar to you. I have a master list of plot ideas that I've...
  18. sb~

    2021 Goals and Progress Thread

    Thanks for this post. One problem I have is that I've been working on and off my game for the past few years. This year I really want to hit approx. 75% completion of my story (currently I'm about 50%... maybe a little shy). To achieve this my short term goal is simply to open RPG Maker once...
  19. sb~

    RMMV Using $gameSystem.playtimeText() for accurate playtime

    Yesss! Worked like a charm, thank you very much :)
  20. sb~

    RMMV Using $gameSystem.playtimeText() for accurate playtime

    Hello, I have a menu plugin that refers to $gameSystem.playtimeText() and displays the game time for the player. However, the game engine calculates time played based on frames in rpg_objects.js: Game_System.prototype.playtime = function() { return Math.floor(Graphics.frameCount / 60)...

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