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  1. YR Plugins

    OMFG! Im so sorry to waste your time. I think i must have messed up when i copy pasted. You saying the version got me to try to find the most up to date version. I was getting discouraged again because i couldnt find anything other than the one i downloaded. Then I found the download link and...
  2. YR Plugins

    ["{\"discName\":\"blacksmith\",\"discIcon\":\"97\",\"discColor\":\"#FFFFFF\",\"discMaxLevel\":\"99\",\"discGaugeColor1\":\"#23b94d\",\"discGaugeColor2\":\"#60e021\",\"discExpFormula\":\"level *...
  3. YR Plugins

    Same issue in a completely new project with only Yanfly Core Engine + MMM + YRcrafting. Do i have to create a discipline json file like mr trivel's? I was under the impression that all i had to do was set the parameters in the plugin manager and then create recipes under item note tags. Also, do...
  4. YR Plugins

    I created one to start with. maybe i missed something? I assumed the colors would default to the other settings if left blank, but i did try that too.
  5. YR Plugins

  6. YR Plugins

    Oh thank you for getting back to me! I didnt know you could open the console too. That will be very helpful. I set it up like this with a common event set up at Number 9 which gave CRAFT START 1 command
  7. YR Plugins

    Obrigado YR! This plugin looks amazing. Im in the slow process of moving from VXA to MV. I found Mr Trivels plugin and tested it working but then I found yours and like it much more. The parameter setup and notetag use is going to save me so much time. The only problem is no matter what i do i...
  8. Conflict between Parallax Lock and Terrain Tags (yanfly and neon black..)

    Dymdez, Sorry this is super old but for anyone else that might be having this issue, I resolved it by putting neon blacks terrain tags above all other scripts. Works with yanfly parallax lock as well as hime's overlay mapping.

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