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  1. Unable to find..

    Hello, When i try to run my game it says.. . So, there was never such a thing "Taylor Face" in pictures, only in faces! not surprised it can't find it when there is no such a thing.. What could the problem be?
  2. Bust Portraits

    Hello, I heard about bust portraits and they seem really nice. So i would like to ask, do i have to create the bust portraits by myself or is there something that i can download that gives me them automatically..? Thank you
  3. Choose Sprite

    Hey, Watch the video first please! Click here! The sprite is too big and i can't choose it all. What to do? Thanks
  4. Change Menu Categories Names

    Hey! This is a weird question, but when you click escape in-game, it shows "Items" and all of that stuff.. Can i change the name of the categories? Like change it from items too.. loot or something.. Thanks, Mars
  5. Changing Map Place in List

    Hello, i would like to change the map position in the map list, I know it does'nt matters but anyway, it's more comfortable.. Thanks, Mars
  6. Putting Something I've Done to Conditional branch

    Hello, I've done alot of commands, i didn't enter then to Conditional branch! Now i want to enter them, how can i copy all of the commands to Conditional branch? Thanks, Mars
  7. Delete Command

    Hello, Can i make a command deleted? I mean if there is a text, after that the text played, it can be deleted? NOT EARASE EVENT, it will be completely deleted, also when you come again to the palce after being in another map! Thanks, Mars
  8. Passing Requirement

    Hello, Im creating a game in RPG Maker VX Ace, i need help in something, i want to do, that you'll need to have 3 party members that you'll could pass the place, I mean, i want to do the the player will must to get 3 party members from a place, without those characters in the party...
  9. Passing Requirement

  10. Actor Faces Removing

    Hello, I explorted a face from my photo's and it didn't work well.. So i want to remove it, I mean, When you decide what face graphic you want to put you can see: Evil, People 1, etc'.. So how can i delete one of those pages? not main pages, pages i created! RPG MAKER VX ACE
  11. Windows 10

    Hello :) , Is Rpg Maker VX Ace working for Windows 10?

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