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  1. decinbr

    RMMV Is there any way to show picture or txt from url link?

    In order to show news about the game to the players
  2. decinbr

    RMMV [Help]Cannot ready property 'isAnimationPlaying' of null

    I used this script call: $gameMap.event(this._eventId).requestAnimation(385); this.setWaitMode('animation'); And i got this error.
  3. decinbr

    RMMV Is there anyway a background below another background?

    I want make some water effects and so on.
  4. decinbr

    RMMV I got an ideia about ranking system.

    I know that is very hard to create a online ranking system, so I have an idea... I have a screenshot plugin that save automatically in folder. If there is a plugin that can make automatically save screenshot from my folder to an site(github for instance), I can take variable on that picture and...
  5. decinbr

    RMMV Is there any ranking plugin?

    Is there anyway to get players variables and create a ranking system or something like that.
  6. decinbr

    RMMV What is the best way to fix picture blinking(Flickering)?

    When i change picture to show another they stays flickering. The same with character graphic
  7. decinbr

    RMMV Is there some script command to change priority of a picture?

    And another question is... Is there any script command to put picture below hero?
  8. decinbr

    RMMV Is there any script command to check if mouse wheel down or up?

    Im trying to make choices with pictures, but i want to move cursor with mouse wheel.
  9. decinbr

    How to put big screen as default?

    I want to put like this and not fullscreen...
  10. decinbr

    Is there any way to show a pictures from url

    Is there any way to show picture from url link? In order to show news abou the game to the players
  11. decinbr

    RMMV (HELP) YEP External Links close Fullscreen when call plugin command.

    When my game is fullscreen and uses command plugin: OpenNewTab or OpenNewWindow My game closes fullscreen. Somebody knows how to fix this?
  12. decinbr

    Someone knows if exists chat plugin?

  13. decinbr

    [Help]Show Variable Number Popup

    I saw a man who use this code in rpg maker vx ace string = $game_variables x = $[3].screen_x y = $[3].screen_y pop_up(2,60,222,222 Anyone knows how to show it in rpg maker MV?
  14. decinbr

    [Help]Cannot read property "setDimension" of null

    Hi Sometimes this error apears to me. There is some linked with plugin BindPictureToMap. Anyone else had this problem?
  15. decinbr

    (help)Somebody knows how to take(rip´) full background image from zsnes emulator to use in my rpg maker mv project?

    I dont mean take screenshot, i mean full background.
  16. decinbr

    [Help]Picture blink...

    Somebody knows how to do to stop picture blinking?

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