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  1. JDYMusic

    For Composers/Musicians: What programs do you use?

    I hear that, Mushroom. I tend to be too meticulous when it comes to writing in notation software for games (I still use Sibelius pretty heavily), so I just focus on the moment and plink away at whatever starts "speaking to me" tonally first.
  2. JDYMusic

    For Composers/Musicians: What programs do you use?

    Thank you for moving the post! My apologies as I was kind of uncertain as to where I should initially post this. I've personally done a lot of recording and editing work in ProTools for quite a while, so I'm most familiar there. I also tend to do my scoring work there as well, but I've only...
  3. JDYMusic

    For Composers/Musicians: What programs do you use?

    Hi all For the musicians and composers out there, what music programs/DAWs do you like to use for writing/recording/editing your game music or sound design projects? I have my favorites (FL Studio and ProTools), but I'm just curious as to what everyone else likes or prefers. Reasons why...
  4. JDYMusic

    She Dreams Elsewhere

    Wow! I love the design and the look of this! Very cool pixel art and hand-drawn stuff! I'm checking out Steam!
  5. JDYMusic

    Teragard - An open-world JRPG

    I love the look of it! Really liking the SNES vibe :)

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