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  1. SoulSpark

    Load a Save by common event RPGM-MV

    Somebody please haaalp! Firstly: I have an autosave slot in save slot 1 which saves the game every so often. Secondly: I would like to attach a keyboard button to a common event using yanfly's plugin (I already can do this) so that when I push the button, save file slot 1 will automatically...
  2. SoulSpark

    Jumping whilst moving

    So I want to create a certain level that's 2D in the sense you can only run left or right, I have set up events along the path so when you hit action button the character will jump in whatever direction they are facing, only trouble is the jump button only works when I'm standing still, if the...
  3. SoulSpark

    HUD Maker - Parameter Gauge + Number

    Hello, I am trying to create a Gauge and a Number in the HUD Maker plugin but cannot fathom the code out. Many moons ago I asked about the codes for getting variables and getting the number of items to show up and that all worked great (decided not to bump the thread for this question), now...
  4. SoulSpark

    Battle Engine - All Enemies Problem

    So I am using the Yanfly Battle Engine plugins and I have designed different Skill attacks using the commands but unfortunately I can only seem to be able to cause damage to one enemy at a time. If I choose for a skill to damage "all enemies", rather than performing the attack once and causing...
  5. SoulSpark

    HUD Maker

    Hey everybody. Last night I came across something remarkable, it's a HUD maker plugin that helps you make HUD's and swap around windows! Amazing. I always wondered how people were making such amazing and original game huds and now I know. Anyway, you can add things like a bar/gauge on the main...
  6. SoulSpark

    Animated Tree Image as a tile help

    Hard to explain this in the title, sorry. Basically I want to be able to chop down trees but my trees are larger than a single tile so my plan was to create images in the "characters" folder which is where you get the animated images like smoke and fire etc so that way I can activate a single...
  7. SoulSpark

    Hunger & Thirst etc

    So I've basically set up a Hunger variable, the idea being 100 means you're full and 0 means you're starving. Food will increase it and actions or time depletes it. Thing is though could anyone please explain to me how to prevent the variable from rising above 100 or going below 0? Also, if...
  8. SoulSpark

    Upgrading an Item which upgrades a Weapon

    Basically in this example scenario, I have a Sword, I have a gem which adds ATK+5 to the sword and a Scroll that adds ATK+5 to the gem. So what would happen is, you can upgrade the gem with the scroll to change the gem from +5 to +10, you would then upgrade the sword with the new upgraded gem...
  9. SoulSpark

    Attaching Augments

    Basically I can attach augments but they don't do anything for certain effects, i can't add states, I can't seem to change the element because even when I have it change the element the damage to my test enemy doesn't change even though it's meant to receive 500% more damage with the new element...
  10. SoulSpark

    Parameters bars problem

    Joined the board today so hey lol. I've recently studied Yanflys plugins and basically plugged in the ones I believe I will need for the game I'm going to make, I'm pretty much just starting. Anyway I have made sure they're all in the correct order as shown on Yanflys plugin website. Anyway, the...

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