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  1. PlanetTzero

    RMMV change the Opacity Battle status?

    Hello i search for a Way to change the opacity only for the battle status? is there a way to change that, with adding a script or something?
  2. PlanetTzero

    RMMV New Demo!!!Paracreat!

    Paracreat! Download: Link demo version Credits plugin: yanfly message core - battle status Do you like good timeless pixelart and are you up for some nostalgic "Game Boy vibes"? Awesome! Then Paracreat will bring you plenty of fun. :) Explore a whole new world in a parallel universe...
  3. PlanetTzero

    RMMV I.Am Production - Survival - Scifi game

    Hi guys, i´m from Germany and i present you I.Am Production! Story: In 1932, Professor Levitt made the discovery of his life. He found deep beneath the Mayan temple in Mexico, Yucatan the fossil of a Mayan queen.... Features: Screenshots: VideoGameplay: VideoTeaser:

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