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  1. Poupouille

    How to remove the start battle SE sound for a battle?

    Hello:kaohi: For all my battles, I use an SE sound. I wish to remove this sound for only one of my battle, Do you know how to do? See you!:kaocry:
  2. Poupouille

    How to delete projects downloaded from the Workshop?

    Hello :) ! I would like to delete the projects I downloaded in the Workshop Steam to free up some space, but I can't find a way to do it. :kaothx:Thanks
  3. Poupouille

    Unable to save the game on Mac

    Hello, I released a game a few days ago, and some players on Mac tell me they can't save. They can go to the menu, but they have the bad buzzer sound. The strange thing is that I made the game on Mac and I don't have a problem in my project, and with an export too Do you know why it happens?
  4. Poupouille

    to delete please

    to delete please
  5. Poupouille

    How to change the money icon?

    Hello, I would like to change the money icon, but impossible to find where. :kaocry:
  6. Poupouille

    Play a BGM only once

    Hello:kaohi: I would like to know if it was possible to play a BGM only once, and if so, how?
  7. Poupouille

    Prevent the player from speeding up the events in automatic

    Hello, When we press the space key, the events in automatic speed up. I would like to prevent the player from doing that. Is it possible ?
  8. Poupouille

    How to put a message at the end of a fight when the enemy is dead?

    Hello:kaohi: At the end of my fight, when the player beats the enemy, I would simply like to put a message "Congratulation, your HP has increased by 200". I tried several configurations in the "Troop" part, but absolutely nothing works: my message doesn't appear once the enemy dies. Do you...
  9. Poupouille

    Game won't lauch

    Hello I reorganized my plugins, I launchd a test, and now my game won't lauch. I don't understand why :( :( If I click on the game toolbar, I have only this :(
  10. Poupouille

    [PROBLEM] An NPC can't pass an event!

    Hello everybody, I use the plugin YEP_CoreEngine to allow me to enlarge the game window size. But for some reasons, I would like to disable it. Except that if I disable YEP_CoreEngine, I have a strange bug that appears :dizzy: : When an NPC wants to move, and there is an invisible event...
  11. Poupouille

    Force an attack when an enemy reaches a certain number of HP

    :kaohi:Hello For a fight scene, I have an enemy with an unusually low life points. However, he's particularity is that he will be able to regenerate his life.:kaoangry: I would like to set this: If the enemy reaches, let's say, 33% of his life or less, he will trigger an attack that will allow...
  12. Poupouille

    Use an attack only one time

    Hello, I would like to know how to make for my player can use an attack only once, after which the attack becomes unusable (this attack will be grayed out in the list of fights). Do you know how to do it ?
  13. Poupouille

    Size of the game window suitable for all computer screens?

    Hello:kaohi: I currently set up the screen window of my game in 1248x720. On my computer, the width completely filled the screen with a map of 26 tiles wide. But when I test my game on another computer screen, a map of 26 tiles doesn't fill the width of the screen and there are black borders...
  14. Poupouille

    Search for the tilesets of World War II

    Hello, I'm looking for tilesets that would be related to the Second World War. For now, I found some nice tanks. For exemple, walls with barbed wire, buildings (European style) destroyed. Things like that Do you have any idea where I can find that?
  15. Poupouille

    Battle as in Pokémon and animation problems

    Hello, I would like to make a combat system like in Pokémon. In my game, there is no Pokémon. It's only to resume the principle of the Pokémon battle for some random enemies. :D I know that there are scripts to imitate the Pokémon game perfectly, but I really want to do something very simple...
  16. Poupouille

    [BATTLE] Reduce the life of an enemy to the maximum, but without killing him.

    Hello, For a fight, I would like the enemy never to fall below 5 HP (for exemple), whatever the power of the attack. How to parametrer this? I have a lot of trouble with the configuration for battles. Thank you. :)
  17. Poupouille

    How to try a RPG Maker MV workshop on Steam

    Hello, I am not very familiar with Steam, and I would like to try this workshop: I subscribed but I don't know how to download after, or access it by other ways. I did some research on the internet, but I couldn't find the solution. :( Someone can help me ?
  18. Poupouille

    Stop the camera that follows the player

    Hello :kaohi: For the need of a map, I need the camera is fixed and doesn't follow the player in his movements. Is it possible ? Is there a way to configure this?
  19. Poupouille

    Pass an event under another event, but pass the character on this event

    Hello everybody! Is it possible to pass an event under another event, but pass the character on this event. I searched by all means, but impossible. Maybe it's possible with a possible plugin?
  20. Poupouille

    [PLUGIN] Allow processing when events disappears from the windowscreen

    Hello, As you know, RPG Maker stops processing anything that disappears from the screen. Do you know a plugin to prevent this? Thank you

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