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  1. How to add more balloons?

    Hi, I've already added another set of balloons to the Balloon.PNG file however ingame the User-defined only goes from 1 to 5. Is there a way to increase it? I know there's an MV plugin, but I wasn't sure if it worked for MZ. I tried searching it on Yanify site but didn't see one for MZ. Thanks
  2. RMMZ How to display icons on the screen at all times?

    Hi, For example, I like to display the clock, book, and wallet in the bottom right corner of the screen and it can be accessed by the click of a button or pressing a key on the keyboard. I have the icons, but unsure what needs to be done to have them displayed. I tried searching around but...
  3. Requesting tilesets from artist

    Hi, I really like Horror City tileset found on, but I require more variations of it to improve my project. Is it safe to ask an artist to create a similar tileset seeing as it's their own works and not Horror City work? Also, how much does an artist charge to create a tileset?
  4. Recommend modern tileset for MZ/MV?

    Hi, I'm currently using Horror City Tile packs and curious to know if there any other tileset out there similar? Also, where can I find character assets that wear modern clothing? I'm finding it difficult to come across it.
  5. Are MV DLC's compatible with MZ?

    There are quite a few decent things I want to buy on Degica shop or have seen in these forums but I'm concerned about whether or not they work. For example, I'd like to purchase this for my project: and...

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