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  1. RMMZ Can't change equipment

    Hey people! I'm having an issue which is either a) me being really stupid, or b) a bug with a plugin. I can give my characters equipment if it's their starting equipment, but when I try to equip anything manually in game (not using an event) it just doesn't equip. It also isn't working to remove...
  2. RMMZ Checking if switch is on not working

    Hello lovely people! I'm using bottom script below to trigger a game message and turning on a switch if that switch is off. However, I'm getting the game message when the switch is on as well, so I must be doing something wrong with the JS.
  3. RMMZ Initialize actor when adding to the party with script calls

    Hello! I'm trying to find a way to force an actor to (re)initialize when adding them to the party. In short, the player can tame monsters but once they die they are gone, and the player will need to catch another (with the same starting stats from the database). It seems that it used to be...
  4. RMMZ Remove dead party members from party

    Hi all! I'm trying to set up a common event to permanently remove dead party members (but only those with IDs greater than 10) from my party during battle. I'm having a lot of trouble getting it to work - I don't know if it's an error in the code or in not implementing the common event...
  5. RMMZ Error that doesn't crash game

    Hi! I'm using a few VS plugins: And am using $gameVariables.setValue(1, b.enemyId()) in the damage formula for a skill to save the enemy's ID, which is working great. However, when I test play this pops up on the dev tools, apparently an issue with VS BattleCore. It's not crashing, but should...
  6. RMMZ Obtaining monster ID of last attacked monster

    Hello all! I'm trying to create a common event to get the monster id from the last monster acted on and add the actor of the same id to the party (yes, I'm trying to catch monsters as pets). Looking at the MZ Script call reference I took the following: Enemy ID -...
  7. Spell/attack that does instant death

    Hello! I'm having trouble working out how to make a state or attack that causes instant death to an enemy. I've tried 'Recover HP -100%' in the attack formula and it just says it's done no damage. It's a little bit complicated, as I want it to be a part of a spell to tame monsters, so I don't...
  8. Item crafting system Visustella - limit to one character

    Hello lovely humans, Does anyone know of a way to make the item crafting with Visustella's 'Item Crafting System' plugin only be accessible if you have a particular character in your party? I've read the files but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me :(
  9. [Silly noob] Hidden event??

    I've been playing around with a couple of common events on chests and have since deleted all unused common events and events referencing them, but when I start a new game it seems to be running one of the common events, but only on new game. I've checked every event on every map and can see...
  10. RMMZ Check for hasitem with ALL items

    Hi all, Sorry if this question is silly - I'm a noob. I'm making a common even for chests where the player can donate items using Select Item and incrementing a variable to keep track of how many things the player has donated. However, if the player has nothing to donate the the count...

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