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  1. Change event graphic (self-switch doesn't work HELP!!!)

    Okay so I'm trying to make a window with closed blinds/curtains change event graphics to open curtains/blinds (horror genre). What I've done so far is create 3 events. The first event asks if the player wants to open the blinds. If the player says yes then Open Blind switch is turned on. The...
  2. Learn skill isn't working

    I have this key item called Brown Hair Dye. The key item has the effect "Learn skill: Dyed hair" I use the item, but the "Dyed Hair" skill won't show up. I've made sure my character is in the soldier class which allows for special skills. So that isn't the problem. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. A quick and simple question

    I'm new to VX Ace and I was wondering how to set an event to automatically respawn in a random location each time you interact with it. For example, I'm planning on making a large open world game with crafting, mining ore, collecting vegetables, and collecting herbs to make potions, etc. I...

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