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  1. TheGamedawg

    Shepherdmancer (available on and Greenlight!)

    Shepherdmancer   Available on! Vote for the game on Greenlight here!   Shepherdmancer is an RPG puzzler about saving sheep from evil monsters. Collect skills and abilities as you make your way through 25 levels and utilize them to overcome great challenges...
  2. TheGamedawg

    Funny, out of context lines from your games?

    Let's start a fun discussion about really strange out unusual lines what are incredibly funny out of context.  What are some funny lines from your games when you don't know what's going on?  Screenshots of these lines would be even better!
  3. TheGamedawg

    How do you delete the MP bar from battles

    My characters do not use magic, so in battle their magic meter is displayed as a bar with 0/0MP. I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of this bar altogether.
  4. TheGamedawg

    What's your favorite type of character on the Character Alignment chart?

    Kind of a weird way to ask this question, but I'm asking about these. Lawful good Neutral good Chaotic good Lawful neutral (True) neutral Chaotic neutral Lawful evil Neutral evil Chaotic evil Which of these alignments in your favorite when it comes to fictional...
  5. TheGamedawg

    Adding steam achievements/trading cards to a game?

    It's not a must, but I think it would be pretty cool if I could add some achievements or potentially even trading cards to my game.  I plan to release my first game on Steam at some point, and I was wondering what I would need to do in order to add these features.  I'm not exactly sure how I...
  6. TheGamedawg

    Hello everyone Gamedawg here and welcome back to Let's Play...

    I've been creating Let's Plays for 5+ years now, and recently I've dedicated my channel to playing quite a lot of RPG Maker games.   My channel! Here are some RPG Maker games that I've played.  I also take requests from devs to play their games, but my schedule is a bit busy.
  7. TheGamedawg

    Playing weather effects and screen tints over pictures.

    I'm trying to make a neat effect when snow falls over the entire screen as pictures are showing, however it appears that pictures take priority over effects, and as a result they appear unchanged against them. It looks ugly for what I'm trying to go for, I was wondering if there was a way to...
  8. TheGamedawg

    What are your opinions on metafiction?

    I don't know why, but I've been really fascinated with metafiction recently. For those of you who don't know, it when a piece refers to it's own existence and becomes self-conscious of the fact that it's a work of fiction, usually as either a parody or for shock value. There's a lot more to it...
  9. TheGamedawg

    Difficulty spikes as intentional design choices

    I've been thinking about something.  So we can all agree that difficulty spikes in games are usually not a good idea.  The sort of punish the player for not preemptively grinding beforehand and are generally unfair.  But I've been thinking, what if a difficulty spike was intentionally added to a...
  10. TheGamedawg

    Problem sharing game with friends

    So recently I finished a short demo and I wanted to share it with a couple friends for testing purposes.  So I zipped it up and placed it on Google Drive so they can download it.  However when they do and unzip it, it says that the game is missing several sound and animation files and will not...
  11. TheGamedawg

    What else could a mimic impersonate?

    Mimics are commonly depicted as treasure chests that come to life and attack you when you try to open them. However what a lot of people seem to forget is that according to the first uses of mimics, they can actually take on the form of basically anything for the sole purpose of tricking...
  12. TheGamedawg

    Can we guess your character's personality by a drawing of them?

    I've recently watched this video and I very interested by the beginning part of it, where Dan describes how a good character design and pose can convey character.  Now we all probably have a lot of characters in our own games, but I was wondering if we could try some kind of experiment given a...
  13. TheGamedawg

    People who have made both free and paid games, what makes you decide which projects you charge money

    This is a question to people who have made a number of games.  What sets apart the games you make as freeware and the ones you charge money for?  Length of the game?  How much effort you put into it?  Number of people involved?  I'm a little curious about this.
  14. TheGamedawg

    Looking for a wavy battleback plugin

    You guys know those wavy battle backgrounds in games like Earthbound?  I was wondering is anyone has recreated something like that in MV. I remember seeing a game called Hylics do exactly what I'm trying to do back in VX Ace so I'd imagine it would be very possible.  This is a trailer for the...
  15. TheGamedawg

    Balancing a game with a single actor

    So say you were to make a game with a single character you play as for the entire adventure.  How would you balance it?  What kind of skills would you have?  Would you give the player any features that you wouldn't in a game with multiple protagonists? As an icebreaker, one thing I would do...
  16. TheGamedawg

    "Add Skill" doesn't work

    I'm having trouble getting an Add Skill feature of an armor to work.  I'm trying to make it so equipping an armor teaches a character a skill.  It isn't working no matter what I try however. If I equip the armor, the skill doesn't appear in the character's skill menu.  However if I go into...
  17. TheGamedawg

    YEP_EquipCore feature question

    Hey guys.  I have an interesting idea I would like to try doing with the Equip Core plugin, but I'm not sure how I would go about doing it. Basically what I want to do is allow the player to buy equipment slots at some point in the game.  I have a few ideas as to how I would implement this...
  18. TheGamedawg

    How would you go about making a roguelike in MV?

    Alright, this is a thought I've had for a while, so here we go. Something that been on my mind for a while is how difficult or easy it would be to create a roguelike dungeon-crawler with RPG Maker. I always liked the idea of a randomized turn-based RPG, and this would logically be one of the...
  19. TheGamedawg

    Let's draw each other's characters!

    Hey everyone!  I'm here today to show off a drawing exercise I enjoy doing with my family and friends.  Basically, we each take a drawing from our collection, and then draw each other's character.  I like it because it lets you draw all sorts of characters you wouldn't normally draw.  It's also...
  20. TheGamedawg

    [MV] How to have a conditional branch check if you have enough of an item.

    I'm trying to make it so a conditional branch's condition is met when you have 5 copies of one particular item.  I'm looking to do this with a script call for the conditional branch.  Can anyone help?

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