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  1. CodeRad

    Do I even Pixel Art (CodeRad's Pixel Art)

    I'm making a turn based RPG game during my free time, and since I'm having hard time finding an artist to help me I decided to make my own art. As someone with zero pixel art skills, scratch that... zero art skills, I really would appreciate the feedback. I will update this post with more art...
  2. CodeRad

    Do I even Art.

    This is where I will post my daily personal "art".    I am completely beginner at this. Since I want to improve my art skills, I decided to draw at least one drawing each day every few days for the rest of my life and maybe even beyond that. Who knows?   You can even request to draw someone at...
  3. CodeRad

    My first RPG ever. (Made in 2010)

    So I thought I'd share my first RPG that I have made nearly 5 years ago (and only rpg game that I have ever made). Since I'm starting to work on a new RPG project, I want to reflect on how terrible my previous work was. :D The game has been made back when I started to learn how to program, so...
  4. CodeRad

    Need Battlebacks :)

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows good sites with royality free battlebacks for commercial purposes. Any standard ones will do, such as: Grassy field, Mountain area, Cave Etc. Cheers :)

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