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    Problem with Victor Engine Animated Battle

    I have installed Victor Sant's Animated Battlers and Actors Battlers. I followed Passive Lion's tutorial on how to use it so my settings look like this: Frames: 3 Rows: 4 Mirror and Invert: False Mode and action: :charset I imported the Actor1 character set into my Battlers folder and set it...
  2. Venderbox

    [Ace] Motorboat sprite

    Does anyone know where I can find a sprite for a motorboat like this one? (preferably one that matches the VX Ace style)
  3. Venderbox

    [Ace] Matching sprite

    I need a sprite to match this faceset: Faces Art It should match the VX Ace art style. She is wearing a long-sleeved black shirt, red sleeveless quilted vest, blue jeans and boots.
  4. Venderbox

    Underwater effect without scripting

    Is there a way to show an underwater effect in a level that doesn't require scripting? I don't feel comfortable using scripts that require you to edit them, as I have no scripting experience.

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