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  1. MegaBlack

    White Screen Gene Scene Builder RPG Maker MV

    Just like the title say's, I bought the Gene Scene Builder for the MV on steam and after it got installed and opened it.White screen. Just a plain white sreen, when I try to close it a little message pops up which I suppose its supposed to be the "Are you sure you want to exit? Click yes or no"...
  2. MegaBlack

    [Resolved] The screen is WHITE.

    [Resolved] I bought the RPG Maker in steam so I could use it more easily,then when I open it,the screen is totally WHITE just white emptiness; I move the mouse around and in the top left it appears the menu to start new project,so it works,it simply don't show it.How do I fix this? I can't...
  3. MegaBlack

    [Resolved] I need the Game in Spanish.

    [Resolved] I'm creating a new game for someone,but that person is Spanish but the RPGMaker MV is in English,can I change the language so the game is in Spanish? I REALLY need help this is important.

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