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  1. frank1995f

    Change MV to Japanese

    There is a way through Windows 10 Control Panel where it says run aplications in whichever language you want... mine right now is in Japanese, but im still running MV on english. Perhaps is because I bought it on the english site? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
  2. frank1995f

    Rpg Maker MV Language Settings 2018

    Hey guys, the question is... How do I change the Language of Maker MV in the newest 1.6.1 version. Thanks for taking your time to answer :)
  3. frank1995f

    Javascript Uses/Utility in RPG Maker.

    Hello guys I'm submitting this topic for the reason that I'd like to know what is the overral extent of customization when it comes to programming RPG Maker games in MV. As in how much different and how many or how much could you make your game look different by knowing how to write or code...
  4. frank1995f

    Katakura Hibiki's Battlers and Characters

    Hello guys I'm making this post to all the pixel artists or anyone else who could or be willing to optimize katakura hibki's fantasy hero pack and dark hero pack from RPG Maker VX ACE to MV. It will be greatly appreciated! : ) Especially to those who own the packs
  5. frank1995f

    Katakura Hibiki's Battlers and Characters

    Hello guys I'm making this post to all the pixel artists who could or be willing to optimize katakura hibki's fantasy hero pack and dark hero pack from RPG Maker VX ACE to MV. It will be greatly appreciated! : )
  6. frank1995f

    Cutscene help and set movement route : )

    Hello guys im totally new with rpg maker MV, and I just need some help with activating cutscenes. Basically, I set up an event to activate when I talk to a player which is far up in the map the thing is as soon as I go in the map it freezes, because the event is in autorun I guess. So my...
  7. frank1995f

    Help updating RPG MAKER MV MAC STEAM

    Hey Guys I just have this question how do I upgrade the mac steam version for RPG MAKER From the everyday wednesday updates we get ?
  8. frank1995f

    Mac Standalone

    Hey guys is there or will there be any news confirming the realease of the mac standalone version ?
  9. frank1995f

    Adding more elements in character clothing for RPG Maker MV

    Hey guys im making this post, for the reason that I'd like to know if there is any way to add more clothing styles to the default character generator in MV, or is it there another way to create new kinds of combinations? Also, will there be a Game Character HUB updated for MV and Mac's version?
  10. frank1995f


    Hey guys my question is, It's there a limit as to how many times can I install the program in multiple PC's through the steam version? also is possible to use the software simultaneously at the same without having to access the same account at the same time ?
  11. frank1995f

    Importing RPG Maker VX Ace sprites into MV

    Hello guys I've got a couple of sprite packs, faces and picture sprites I'd like to know if there is anyway to importing them to use into RPG Maker MV. I tried to but it either takes the whole image or it just doesn't fit the sizes of sprites created by MV's character generator...
  12. frank1995f

    About mapping- bridge tilesets and layers?

    Hey guys im new to RPG Maker and I was wondering how to put bridge tiles on top of water with out having it remove the water body tiles. This is whats happening...
  13. frank1995f

    Event Tile - Enter a New Map

    Hey guys how do i make an event in MV to enter a house or building ?
  14. frank1995f

    Draggin actors in my MAP RPG MAKER MV

    Hey guys i just got the RPG Maker MV yesterday I was just wondering how to drag the actors sprites into the maps that i'm creating? I have tried everything and I just can't do it. I did it once but I dont even know how it happened.
  15. frank1995f


    Hey guys, I'm making this new post because I'd like to know if there is already a fix for the standalone version of Mac, or more or less when will it be ready? Thanks for reading.
  16. frank1995f

    Scripting in RPG MAKER MV MAC

    Hey guys I was just wondering wheres the scripting option in MV for mac I'll i see is character generator, database, shadow fill and tileset options, plugins sound etc... and thats about it ?
  17. frank1995f


    Hey guys im starting this topic for all those who can't wait to try the new version of RPG Maker on Mac OSX. My question is: a) I pre-ordered the RPG-Maker MV a couple of hours ago so I'd like to now around what time will I be able to download the software? I use Mac by the way....
  18. frank1995f

    Implementation of Events and Game's own Time Events

    My question is: Is it possible to create a time system for everytime you started playing the game? What I want to say is there a way of making events occur randomly at the start of a game? For instance: 1. Lets say the game has its own World Time Clock. 2. As soon as you start, you are given a...
  19. frank1995f


    Hey guys my question is why is the price from steam much cheaper than the one on the official site? In steam I can get the engine for $39.99 USD while on the official is $71.99 USD????? Thanks!! I'll be waiting for an answer....
  20. frank1995f

    Purchase Complaint

    Hello, I am making this post because I have a complaint about a product I bought. The product I bought is the Futuristic Heores and BGM by frontier works, as soon as I downloaded it the file came with a 0kB file and it has nothing inside of it? Please an Admin or something, or if you could tell...

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