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    Fraexcel's Shop

    5/15/20 UPDATE: due to no longer being attached to any of these resources, and them being easy to make on my end, they're all okay for commercial use or whatever you want. I ain't care. Throw my name in there if you want. Go nuts, it's between you and God. Hi! Hello! I've made a few sprites...
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    Refurbished Art Repository (formerly Fraxinus Artdumpicus)

    T'aint muuch, but the gallery's now refurbished and updated :)
  3. batch

    VX Ace graphics to Minecraft texture pack...can I do it?

    Before I begin, sorry if this is the wrong forum entirely for this kind of question. Since last night, I've been creating a Minecraft-compatible texture pack from RPG Maker VX graphics (icons, tiles, characters etc). The problem is, I've been wondering just how legal it would be to upload it...

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