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  1. artoni

    Demos and their Purpose

    Hi all- As the month ends I'm finalizing my game demo, and I'm looking at I want to accomplish with it. Ultimately I think I've done so to the point where I'm quite content. My question to you is, for those of you who are working on/have already released demos- what did you want to accomplish...
  2. artoni

    Yanfly Buff/States / State Categories Adaptation - Treat Debuff As State

    Hi all- I was wondering if it's feasible for someone to make an add-on to Yanfly's plugins that, as the title says, treats a debuff as a state. To give the situation; I have a fight right now where characters will experience an agility debuff. I have a skill that I'm designing to remove a...
  3. artoni

    MV Yanfly Buff & States - "Trapped" State

    Hi all- I'm trying to make a custom state that lasts for one enemy attack; instead of doing damage, the enemy will instead take some. Essentially, a one-time counter that nukes itself upon activation. Right now I'm playing around with the Thornmail state- I'm having trouble figuring out how...
  4. artoni

    Deployed Project Missing Index?

    Hi all- I'm doing some test deployment in preparation for a proof of concept demo, and I keep running in to this problem when I click the deployed game- I've doublechecked and I am clicking the Game application, there's no index in the www folder, and I for one am very confused. Can I get...
  5. artoni

    MV - Bar/Counter Hatch

    Hi all- Is there already some sprite for a hatch between tables/counters/etc? See the hole here- And see this kind of thing; I almost feel like a modified trapdoor sprite could work as well, but I wasn't have much luck finding one. Maybe I was just looking in the wrong place, though.
  6. artoni

    RMMV Starheart

    Your hand in mine My hand in yours We'll pull each other through Though walls may crack And towers fall It's us they will look to See the end as only a new start- What the world can never tear apart- Our Starheart. Starheart is a project I've worked on for nearly six years, off and on; what...
  7. artoni

    Inspirational Music/Playlists

    Hey all! So I'm curious - what playlists/radio stations/music do you guys listen to when you're working on your games, whether writing, coding, mapping, or whatever? For me, I have a 'working' Pandora channel that's mostly without lyrics when I need to get some stuff done, but if I want to just...
  8. artoni

    YanFly Battle Engine/Action Sequence - Skills increasing variable

    Hi all- The way my skill system is going to work is that each time you use a skill, a variable related to it increases; if the variable increases enough, you learn the next skill. This way, the learning tree is based on actual usage as opposed to level or JP. Using Yanfly's Action Sequence Pack...
  9. artoni

    Looking for Source on Looseleaf Child Sprite

    Hi all- I'm using Looseleaf sprites in my MV game (I know, I know, they're pretty much placeholders for now- though they don't look half bad with the rescale) and I have a single child sprite. I can't remember where it came from, but I was pretty sure it was from a generator-...

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