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  1. Crazy_Leen

    [Temporarily Closed] Crazy_Leen's Pose & Animation Workshop

    Hello everybody~ There are a few reasons why I'm opening up this workshop. Reason one being that I feel a bit restless most of the time, thinking I want to give something, like resources, tot he community but somehow just not being able to come up with something nice and kinda being stuck in a...
  2. Crazy_Leen

    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    Hello everyone~ After a long time, I finally was able tof ind a reliable way to post my ressources again! I hope I didn't miss anything, but everythinge ssential for MV and Ace should be back; including my original Retro-Set! --Leen Rules: If you want to use my resources, please credit me...

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Hey morning all! I got another quick question..I just switched to RMMZ from VX I am wondering why default scripts(is that how u call it) of VXAce is available, but not in MZ's case? How do I figure out ahh I mean could you show me
Sometimes im the biggest fool alive... Ah well, ce la vie
The worst feeling in the world is going for a walk on a nice summer day, seeing an ice cream truck, and realizing you don't have any money with you :(
Mike running through an area that's influenced by his thoughts, thus his drawings are infused into the land.
We're playing Omori by OMOCAT starting at 2pm est :D

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