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  1. Tarzanthecat

    I can't figure out the tree groups.

    As you can see from the images, I'm having a hard time with the tree tiles in POP! Slasher Forest. I can see what the issue is... but I have no idea how to resolve it. Can someone please help me out?
  2. Tarzanthecat

    A sprite for this... thing.

    Rescore type: Character sprite Concept art for character: as I have no idea how to make a character sprite for this lad. His body is cat, spider, and nightmare fuel. The thing is, I don't even need a walking sprite... he's a supernatural entity, the guy may just teleport around for all I...
  3. Tarzanthecat

    Help with the busts that I have drawn

    I have this bust that I want to use in my game but it has this weird green aura that I don't quite know how to get rid of... unless I remove it pixel by pixel in MS Paint. The program I draw on requires you to have a background, and I've already done two of these drawings. The pink is the...
  4. Tarzanthecat

    Nightmare land product

    I'm sorry
  5. Tarzanthecat

    Tile help

    There is an even worse issue now. I'm so confused. Is this usually this hard?
  6. Tarzanthecat

    Some free music by me

    Here is some free music: Credit me plz. :kaoswt: I could not find any good photos.
  7. Tarzanthecat

    Creating unique puzzles

    What kind of puzzles are people interested in? When creating puzzles, you often have an extremely hard time answering this. You don't really want cliche puzzles, or too simple puzzles, but at the same time, you  don't want too hard puzzles. So... what do you do. I would like to...
  8. Tarzanthecat

    Help with an Xp Character generator.

    So, I am looking for nice generators for RPG maker XP, when I come upon a rather nice one. I found it on this forum here:      I'm happy, because most of the...
  9. Tarzanthecat

    Can you make vx character sprites work for vx ace?

    So, I had a custom character sprite I made for vx, but I made a mistake and bought vx ace. I want to know if there is a way that I can make that file compatible for vx ace, because when I do it now, it does weird things. Also, when it says "Easy enough for a child," I am only 14. So, try to not...

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